Silo, and Mitho Kill the Spiked Horse

Of course, this is all moot anyway, because a spiked horse also comes equipped with a flame-thrower mouth and eyes that shoot death rays. And they hate everybody. I would to, if nature turned me into an unlovable death machine.
A spiked horse near your base should be taken out. It's not a question. But a spiked horse 30 miles away is less of a threat. They do multiply quickly, so takin' 'em out is recommended, but not required, 'specially when the commander tells you not to.
This particular horse was unlike any other i'd ever seen. For one thing, it was star-white, and its main was hairier than usual, and trailing behind it leaving wakes of white embers. Amidst its spikes potruded one large horn, the tip in the shape of a trident. I knew almost immediately what it was.
"Well I'll be," I uttered, "Boys, that there's a Star Stag."
"We gotta kill it." said Silo.
"Yeah, we need to kill it," echoed his brother.
"Now, boys, the Commander said no killin'." I scolded.
"Ashley!" whined Silo. "Yeah, come on, Ashley!" Mitho chimed in.
But I had made a promise to the commander, and I keep my promises if I can help it. Unfortunately for me, however, the boys were in rare form, and I shoulda known, considerin' the way they had carried on earlier.  Before I could react, Silo, had aimed one a Mitho's relativistic cannons and blown the horse to smithereens.  Just as I said earlier.

"Ohhhh!" erupted Mitho in glee, "Direct hit!  How many pieces do you think it's in?"

I clasped my face in my hands.

"At least a million." answered Silo.

"Computer?" Mitho said, "How many pieces did that horse explode into?"

The on board computer, made 3 electric sounding noises, as it analyzed the crater where the spiked horse had just been.

"Precisely one million, three hundred thousand, eighty one pieces." it told us.

"Radical!" cried Silo, pumpin' his fist in the air.  Unfortunately, the celebration was not to last.

The End

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