Silo, Mitho, and Ashley Cotton see the Spiked Horse

Mitho stopped, an' removed my arm from his neck. "We have just the thing," he told me.
"I figured you would," I said, smilin'. Then, I got the hell away from him.
And it was just as well. Mitho crossed his arms to his chest, and then let out a cry. Lightnin' struck him where he stood. Typical.
Then, he transformed. It happened too quickly to describe in detail, but the gist of it is that a pair of metal wings shot out from his back, followed by metal bands that wrapped around his body. In a matter of seconds, Mitho had turned himself into a dendrylium detectin' scout ship.
"Dude!" cheered his brother, "Radical!"
"Oh dear God," sounded out the Commander over the Star Hammer's com system, "Cotton, please get them out of here."
And so, I did. We boarded the Mitho's cockpit and up we went to find some Dendrylium. We hadn't traveled but 30 miles to the canyon, when Silo spotted the spiked horse.
Now, spiked horses are bad news as anybody'll tell you. Normal horses winnie, gallop, and eat apples. At best, a pissed off horse will kick you if you get behind it, and don't me wrong. That might do you in. But, that's all a spiked horse ever does. It kills--well I s'pose it eats apples too, but it don't matter. It'll eat apples while murderin' you good.
The least a yer worries are its spikes. Try to tame one a them, and you'll be crawlin' home with a couple a new orifices, and that might be your thing. But, before you even try, you'd better at least strap on a gas mask, as spiked horses exude noxious, poisonous fumes that'll choke ya before ya get to within 100 feet of the thing.

The End

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