Enter The Commander

Meanwhile, those boys continued making a right fine ruckus. It was only a matter of time 'fore madame Commander was roused to put the fires out. I could tell she had gotten up because fighting abruptly stopped.
In a few moments, the bay doors of the ship opened. Out flew Silo, followed by Mitho. The two boys hit the ground, winded. And there, at the door stood the commander, flanked by two security droids.
"Mornin' Ma'am." I called to her.
"I am glad you're up as usual, Cotton," the other responded dryly, "Maybe you can channel the boundless energy of these two idiots into something productive. Escort them and help find us some Dendrylium, please. We're almost out."
"Aye-aye, Commander." I said.
"Oh, and Cotton? Make sure they don't kill anything."
"You can count on me, Ma'am."
She turned around, and left.
Silo and Mitho had since gotten up off the ground, and dusted themselves off. I turned to them, sayin', "Mornin' boys."
"What's up, Ashley?" replied Silo, givin' me a man-nod. He was the taller of the two, a lean, 'n' lanky pre-teen with platinum blonde hair perpetually electrified into spikes by his youthful energy. Despite the rough-'n'-tumble shenanigans moments before, he showed no bruising of any kinds, which was typical. Mitho was shorter, but slightly more handsome, with glistening black hair that hung to his shoulders. He, too, showed no bruises. This was one of the advantages of bein' indestructable.
I man-nodded back, approached them, an' threw my arms around their necks, and turned them in the direction of Moltivia's Canyon, "You boys heard the Commander. Let's go."

The End

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