De Marceau is a sexy, sexy, man. But he still gets no sex.

As she passed me, I gave her a sympathetic smile, telling her, "Mornin' Lyrala."
She rolled her eyes, and replied, "There are no men in this base. Only boys."
I chuckled in response, "Oh, they're all right, Darlin'. They'll show ya a good time if ya let 'em."
"Laser beams are not a good time." she countered.
I shrugged. I fancy lasers, especially 500 tera watt ones. But that ain't what she needed to hear.
"Lyrala!" called de Marceau again, emerging from the ship, hastily dressed.
The Myraxian didn't respond. In a flash, she had whipped out a portal disk, and was gone.
"Mornin' Marcy," I greeted him, tippin' my hat, "Shame 'bout her. She was a pretty one."
"Goddammit." he swore, and threw the leather switch he was carryin' to the ground.
But, de Marceau was not known for his temper. Just as quickly as Lyrala had vanished, his furrowed brow relaxed, and he shot me a smirk.
"But not as pretty as you, Ashley, my sweet." he replied, "Where were you all night? We could have had an amazing time."
"I reckon so, Darlin'." I said with a wink.
Without warnin' I picked off a ritat at 1 o'clock in his direction, that was attempting to sneak into the Star Hammer's ventilation system. The shot nearly grazed his ear, and he jumped in alarm.
"Jesus, woman!"
"Yer corset is showin'." I told him.
At this, he glanced down at his shirt, which was partly un-tucked, revealing the black leather number underneath. Embarrassed, (but not too much), he hastily ran back inside, tucking his shirt in as he went.

The End

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