Silo and Mitho ruin good sex.

"Hey!" complained Silo at what I can only assume was Mitho knockin' him clear 'cross the room with a pneumatic punch.
Mitho howled, "I was aslee--!", but was cut off as Silo fired something that made the air crackle. I smelled ozone, and knew he had he had unleashed a round of spark bullets from his power gauntlet. I'll never know how them boys can sleep fully armed like that. I 'spose its a bit like sleeping with teddy bears, or blankets, just more lethal. Anyway, who knows what exactly happened after that? The entire base jolted and jittered as the two boys continued to tussle violently with each other, wakin' everyone else up.
The first victim was Lyrala, de Marceau's current lover. With one particularly jarring thud, I heard her shriek. Later, I would find that Mitho had crashed through a wall into de Marceau's quarters.
"Get out, you idiotic child!" roared a frustrated de Marceau.
"Ugh. What are you wearing?" I heard Silo laugh.
"Get out! Can't you see I am at the height of conquest?"
"Height of what?" Lyrala sharply asked.
"Tulip, forgive me! I am not myself." pleaded de Marceau, but it was too late.
In a minute or so, the beautiful Myraxian stormed out through a sliding door of the ship.
"Tulip!" called de Marceau plaintively from within, "Come back! I can find a hotel!"
Lyrala, a tall, slender, turquoise thing with vaguely human female anatomy, still dressed in a silk robe, and carryin' a partly opened, stuffed bag with garments hastily thrown in, stopped and turned.
"I am not a tulip. I am advocate of the city tribunal. And those two are not helping your sex life, Monty." she chided, and then continued walking.

The End

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