The knob is already at 11

The adventures of Silo and Mitho and the Trans-Galactic Warriors. In this episode, they kill a spiked horse (blow it up into like, a million pieces), and get more than they bargained for.

That spiked horse wasn't doin' nothin'. Them boys took it out before it could even breath flame from its nostrils--before it could even turn its head and set its lethal sights on the Port City of Myraxia. I'd like to say nobody minded, since spiked horses are kind of a problem 'round these parts, but I'd be wrong. I ain't never wrong, so, I'll just say that most people were happy, or would have been had they known about it, with the exception of the Commander, and the Collectors. You see, they'd disobeyed her direct orders, and that's what really got us into trouble, because, well nobody, but the Commander, (of course), counted on it pissing those thugs off.
But that's how things usually go 'round here.
I knew this day was fixin' to be rough the moment Silo woke Mitho up. I'd already been up for a couple a hours, sharp shootin' ritats scurryin' about in the twilight a early mornin' just out side the Star Hammer. I hate sleepin', unlike de Marceau. Prefer to spend my time honin' my skills. Guess I'm borin' like that. Besides, I can't get much sleep with them boys actin' the fool they way they do all the time.
Anyway, from Mitho's port window I heard Silo call, "Hey Mitho, get up. Guess what day it is!"
"Mmm," Mitho responded, "Stop. I'm sleeping."
"No, get up. It's our birthday."
It was not their birthday. It was no where near their birthday. I reckon it had been at least 7 months since we last celebrated it. Far away from any citizenry of course. But, as you'll find pretty quickly, Silo's brain just doesn't operate like that a most folks'.
I heard a violent rustlin' as Silo presumably tore the sheets off his groggy brother.
"No!" Mitho protested, and that's when they began fighting. Now, siblings fight. That's a fact of life, but there ain't no siblings who fight like them boys do. First came the thud, which jarred the entire ship, and caused the lights to momentarily dim.

The End

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