Dallas - A night outMature

A compilation of stories that have to do with residents of Austin, Texas of all ages finding love... Whether they expect it or not.

Dallas sat down at the bar.  Around her, pounding club music and cigarette smoke were bombarding her senses.  The distinct smells of marijuana and sex curled her nose.  Every once and awhile, a foreign hand would find its way somewhere she didn't like, and she had to respond with a polite slap across the face.

She couldn't complain.  Not really.  They didn't call it the Tequila Pit for nothing. 

Dallas leaned over the counter and motioned for the bartender to come closer.  "¡Vicente!  Me llego una cerveza."

The barkeep nodded, smiled, and handed her a Dos Equis Dark.  "Voy a pagar, chica."

This time, Dallas legitimately smiled.  "Gracias, amigo."

She picked it up, the cold bottle leaving beads of cold condensation on her hand.  Taking her first sip, she felt the cold alchohol running down her throat.  Man...  I should have gotten something stronger.  Dallas thought, miserably.  It's gonna take way more of these to get wasted.

"Argentina."  Said a high tenor voice to her right.

Dallas looked in the direction, and saw a blonde, thin man with good facial structure sitting there.  His eyes were staring at his glass, which housed a dark liquid.  His delicate, feminine hands were slowly turning the glass, making the ice inside spin around.

"I'm sorry?"  She said.

"Your accent."  He looked at her, with blue eyes that housed several starbursts.  "Around the Buenos Aires area."  The man took a contemplative look at her face.  "Lanús, if I remember correctly." 

Dallas chuckled.  "And who are you, some kind of genius?"

The man smiled.  "You could say that."  He extended his hand.  "Dominic."


"Dallas...  Peculiar name."  Dominic gave her a once-over.  "Why would Argentinian parents name their child Dallas?"  He seemed to ask himself.

"They always wanted to Emigrate."  She took another swig of the beer.  "They were about to get their Visas and follow me here for college  in '99..."

"Then 9/11 happened, and they decided it was more trouble than it was worth?"  Dominic interrupted.

"No."  Dallas smiled grimly.  "They died in a car crash two days after I left."

The End

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