Silk Flower

Helena is rejected by her crush because 'She's not as graceful and as pretty as Adrianne', a young famous traditional dancer. To take vengeance on him, Helena decides to join the chinese dancing school to compete against Adrianne, only to discover Adrianne's secret?!

'I've liked you for a long time.' I said, blushing. 'Please will you go out with me?'

'Sorry.' he replied, looking down at the ground. 'I only like girls who are as graceful as a flower, like Adrianne! Her Chinese dancing is amazing and she's beautiful! Erm... Thanks for the confession, but your eyes are kind of scary. ' Upon hearing this, I ran away with tears streaming down my cheeks.


Step back, twirl! Arms, right then left... twist and finish with a smile! 

'Nice practice, looks like your ribbon dance is coming along. Come over here Helena.' My dance instructor said. Grabbing my bottle and a mirror, I headed over to Emily while drinking cool water. 'Your tall and slim with long hair and your flexible, but why do you always dance like your some sort of robot in front of anyone but me?' my dance tutor said. She was the head of the Chinese dance school and has been my mentor for years.

'I can't help it! I'm sorry!' I replied, taking my contacts out and revealing my aqua blue eyes.

'I mean, you've got everything down looks wise, and the practice sessions go smoothly, but when it's a performance, you go stiff and forget the steps! Last time you even tangled yourself in the ribbon!'

'But, my mind goes blank and I can't think.'

'It's alright. If you manage to pass the test, I'll pair you up with Adrianne and you can practice together instead of individually. She might show you how to dance like a delicate flower. You can go home for today, and don't forget to wear your coloured contacts for the performance tomorrow, because the director will be grading you.'

Shooing me of, I grabbed my bags and headed home. Why can I just perform good in front of Emily and not anyone else? Throwing my stuff onto my bed, I went into the back room; the dance studio. Since the rest of my family dance and my mother was a famous dancer, we had one built so that we can practice any time we want. Turning the music on, I grabbed my fan danced in front of the giant mirrors, making sure my posture was straight while moving to the beat. Accidentally tripping myself up, I stopped the music and stared at my clear, bright eyes. 

Was I that different from everyone else? Inheriting my English father's blue eyes and my Chinese mother's looks, I had long tumbling black curls with caramel coloured skin. Being bullied all my life because of it, the only way I could escape was to dance. Flowing with the melody and escaping time, that was my heaven... Until Adrianne became famous within my dance school and the country. She has chocolate brown straight hair and light brown eyes with a pretty face and long slim legs. What made her famous was her graceful Chinese dancing, taking after her mother, who competed with mine. She also has an English father, who's skin is as pale as hers. The only way I can re-gain my heaven is to surpass her. Determined, I repeated the fan, ribbon and umbrella dance until my arms and legs ached. Tomorrow's my chance to shine.


Looking at my alarm, it was 5am. Yawning, I got myself out of bed and changed into a vest and pulled on a pair of joggers. Grabbing an apple from the kitchen and tying my hair into a messy bun, I made my way into the dance studio to practice for the tests later on today. Starting at half 5, I didn't realize how late I was until I looked at my watch.

'Oh my god! It's half eight! I'm going to get scolded!' I cried, running upstairs. As soon as I finished in the bathroom, I rushed around my bedroom, practically ripping my hair out trying to brush the knotty curls. I swapped my clothes for a red silk dress, shoved my probs into a bag and rushed into my older sisters room for her to do my make up. She works at the dance school as one of the make up artists. As soon as she was done, I hurried out of the house and headed for the dance school. Luckily it was just down the road.

Barging into the building, I went up to the notice board and searched for my name and time slot. Letting out a sigh, I found I was just in time for my examination, but also found some more good news.

The Director is unable to attend the examinations today, so Emily Yan will deputise. 

Looks like I was worried for nothing! Putting my bag into one of the single changing rooms, I slipped on my matching shoes and headed out into room 208, where the tests were being held. Opening the door, Emily was seated on a table with a lot of paper cluttered on top. She welcomed me in and I gave her the CD.

'You ready Helena?'

'Yeah.' I replied. She pressed play.

The tests were easy. My movements flowed and my expressions were soft, partly because it was only Emily watching, and because I wanted to show her that I can dance just as good as Adrianne. With a huge grin on my face, I skipped out of the room, pleased that Emily was really smiling, as in showing-her-teeth smiling which she rarely does. Before I walked into the changing room, I remembered that this room's going to be used by Adrianne after me, but the door was unlocked, so I guess she isn't here yet. Pushing the door open, I stopped and stared in horror when I saw a naked boy in front of me. Compared to my shocked face, his was like he'd seen a ghost. Looking at him, he felt familiar. 

He was tall and slim and only had a pair of shorts on. He had light brown eyes and a pale complexion, but you could tell that he had an oriental feel about him. He was wearing make up, and in his hands were a pink dress and a brown wig, the same colour as Adrianne's hair...Wait...Adrianne is a he?!

The End

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