Decisions and Promises

Victoria thought to herself how things could not possibly get worse as she knew that there was no way to get the door open, not that she even wanted to because she could not see Ashla inside. "Oh Ashla, where have you gone", Victoria thought to herself as she looked down the dark hallway. Victoria did not want to disturb the creatures that she had seen beyond the ajared door nor did she have enough bullets to handle them herself. Scared and not knowing what to do Victoria headed back down the hall of darkness with not a clue what to do anymore because she felt so lost without Ashla. A loud noise came from behind her, she did not even dare look but she knew she had to. Victoria turned slowly, heart beating fast as it could bear and her hands shaking while holding onto her pistol only to find there was nothing behind her. Just as she thought she was safe she glanced again at the ajared door only to see a face of one of them glaring back at her, she lifted her gun to fire but then dropped it into the slime. The door come flying open, shattered glass going everywhere and Victoria went to run but the slime was just to thick. She could then hear them all throughout the darkness, the walls, the ceilings, they were everywhere but she could not see them. She stopped and thought to herself "This is it, i'm done for". Then out of nowhere she felt arms grasp her and pull her and cover her mouth into a dark room, her heart could rip right out of her chest but then she heard a whisper in her ear, "it's me Victoria, it's Ashla". Victoria wanted to scream in excitment and hug her, but as soon as Victoria was calm Ashla shut a door and started to baracade it.

Victoria ran over to embrace Ashla, but Ashla jumped away ramming herself into the wall. "don't touch me!" she hissed "Ashla, are.. are you okay?" Victoria said aproaching her friend. "What do you think? Do you think im okay? I've seen things, so many things." Her eyes held a type of uncertainty an ominous glare "Please stop, we are going to get out of here. I promise. I know the way, you're safe now." Victoria begged her friend "I'm sorry, no, you have to leave... I can't." Ashla cried hugging herself and sliding down the wall. Victoria noticed Ashlas blood stained jacket "Wha, what do you mean Ashla? You can't just give up! We are in this together!" Victoria tried raising Ashlas head so their gaze could met. As Ashla raised her head Victoria noticed blood coming from the cornor of her eyes and mouth. "I can never leave... I'm going to get you out of here. Like I promised before. You have to go on without me." Ashla coughed and pushed herself off the ground "No, no no no I won't leave you! If you stay, I stay." Victorias eyes gushed at the thought of losing her Ashla once again. "If you stay, you'll die!" Ashla screamed slamming her fist against the wall. "So will you" Victoria shot back. "Im already dead," Ashla lowered her head "Don't say tha.." "I'll destract them, you make a run for it." Ashla looked up with a peircing stare, Victoria knew there was no changing her mind. She was always so stubborn, so willing to do good for others, she never cared about herself. Victoria looked up to her for that. After all every girl looks up to their bigger sister.

The End

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