If They Only Knew

She turned her head and tried to hold the tears that were daring to flee from her eyes. As she turned her attention back to the window. As the moon shone once more, she saw the most hideous, atrocious, monstrous, creature she has ever set eyes on. Its eyes were black as coal, its face was that of a human with its skin peeled off and its ears was that of bats. Each breath it took, fogged up a small portion of the window as it gazed curiously into the room where Victoria stood. Its eyes gazed across the room as if she was not present, for a split moment the moonlight dissappeared leaving complete darkness. When the moon arose from beneath the cloud covered sky, the creature was gone. Victoria got down on the floor and crawled to the window just incase the creature returned. She looked out to see nothing, she could only see the city lights 'If they only new' she thought as she ran back over to where she stood only moments ago and gathered some papers and stuffed them into her pocket. 'This is either really brave, or really stupid' Victoria thought as she opened the window. She lifted herself up on the bookself and quickly glanced out the window. "Haha Fire escape!" She said excitedly as she crawled out of the window onto the metal cage holding her. "Now, if i can just get down. Maybe i can get help. Then we can save Ashla!" Victoria held her spot as she glanced down, she was about three stories up. Out of nowhere a loud screech echoed through the air, as she looks up she sees another beast standing on top of a statue. Its was covered in blood, but did it belong to the monster? She moved step by step over to the ladder hoping to make no noise. As she was desending the ladder it snapped underneath her causing the metal to bang against each other. More screams echoed through the building as she jumped for her life. As she hit the ground, she feels a sharp pain run through her foot into her leg.

Victoria ignored the pain as it came, and it came strong she tried to stand only to fall over. She looked up for the beast but it was nowhere to be found. She laid on the ground for a moment of relief and looked to her right only to see something shinny laying near by. She reached over only to find it was the locket she had given Ashla when they were kids to show they were best friends for life. Tears gleamed in the moonlight off her face as she held it close to her heart and thought of all the times they have shared. "I won't give up Ashla, I will find you if it's the last thing I do!". Victoria managed to pull herself back together and tried to get her flashlight to work but it was now broken from the fall. Scared to even move after seeing the monster, she pushed herself foward and started to see a blood trail leading to the basement of the building. "Maybe if I follow this I will find her, if not maybe I will find death too".

Victoria pulled herself into a upright position and gently pushed herself off the ground. The pain was unbearable, but finding Ashla was her main priority. The air seemed to rip from her lungs as she filled the empty space between her and the basement door. Bloody handprints smeared across the entrance sign. The handle looked as if it was oozing blood a small puddle lay on the ground underneath. She pulled her sleave over her hand and tried to pry the door open. It didn't budge. She pushed again but harder this time. Still nothing. Something was blocking the entrance, then she thought about Ashla. Victoria stepped back and forcefully kicked the door open, causing it to slam against the wall crashing the desk that was placed before it into the wall. Her leg felt as if she was stabbed a numourous amount of times causing her to almost collapse, luckily she caught herself on a railing. Her nose was soon filled with a ill-smelling stench, she nearly lost her balance as she gagged and tried to rid the smell by smothering her face with her shirt. As she reganded her posture, her stomache lurched once again just at the thought of what could be hidden in there. Victoria, tore her bandana off and placed it around her nose and mouth hoping to conceal the odor out. Her gun was shaking in her hands as she walked down the empty stairs, the stench became nauseating. She once again stopped and pressed her back against the wall. It was sticky, she pulled herself away and got a closer look at the wall. It was white with slim, she realized that this slime, what ever it was. That was the source of the odor. She once again raised her gun and continued down the endless stairs. The only sound came from her boots which were feeling heavy from tearing away from the slime filled floor. Soon the darkness came to an end as light came from the cracks in a broken down electronic door. It was ajared and but only slightly, the small window was enough to glance through to the other side. They were everywhere, some hanging from the ceiling or laying curled up on the floor. The question that ran through her mind, where is Ashla?

The End

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