Desperate Situations

The flash was gone and both girls were terrified but they could not let it show.
Victoria went to step back a few steps and the floor rumbled yet again beneith
her and gave in and her foot sunk into a dark hole. Ashla looked back only to
see Victoria stuck in a hole in the old floors that had finally gave away. "Well
we figured out the rumbling noise, now to figure out what the hell that was that
ran by!". Ashla helped Victoria up and just as Ashla was helping dust her off,
she heard the sounds of broken glass and groaning coming from a distance. Both
of the girls aimed their guns and stepped towards the noise with their chests
pounding with adreline plus being terrified, neither knew what they were in for.
Ashla told Victoria to stay back a few feet behind her as they paced slowly down
the long hallway. "Is that blood?" Victoria murmured with a terrified look.
Ashla looked up to see blood strung from the floors to the ceilings and hand
prints everywhere in between.
'we're screwed' Ashla said checking her amo
'what caused this?' Victoria asked examing the blood alittle closer. 'Im going
to take a sample of this and test it back at the lap' v]v]Victoria grabbed
Ashlas backpack and took out some test tubes and a q-tip. She then started
swabbing some blood and placed the q-tip in the tube. "IF we get out of here
alive." Ashla added propping herself against the wall intill Victoria was done.
"Yea, if." Victoria slowly placed the tubes back into Ashlas backpack. "Hey, no,
don't do that,' Ashla placed her hand on Victorias head, "I will get you out of
here alive, I promise." Victoria raised her head and nodded. The girls raised
their weapons and continued down the corridor, they both knew the outcome of
this was grim. Ashla looked at her watch, 'we got about 2 hours to get out of
here.' Victorias eyes widened. 'Thats not enough time!' her voice was getting
higher with each word Ashla grabbed her by her shoulders and slammed her against
the wall 'Shh, you'll draw..' She was disrupted by a low growl, both girls turn
only to be face to face, with the monster they've been hunting. 'attention' she
finished reaching slowly for her gun. Before she could get a grip it attacked
jumping on her and slamming into the floor, causing the floor to give way again
'Ashla!' Victoria screamed grabbing her gun and down into the dark hole 'Ashla?'
it was too dark to see, what if she shoots and misses? There is a chance she
could kill Ashla instead. She raised her gun and prepared to shoot, but before
she could pull the trigger Ashlas screams echoed through the building and the
flash of her shots lit up the hole. "Run! Victoria, run, get out!" Victoria
stood dumbfounded, Did she really expect me to leave her? She raises her gun
once more and steadys her aim, she takes a deep breath but then hears a low
growl coming from the other side of the door before the doors were slammed open.
She took off running in the other direction 'Im so sorry, Ashla' She ran intill
she found a stairwell, as she ran in she barracaded the door and reached for her
Victoria sat hopeless and confused trying to figure out how to
get her best friend back while she looked down at the floor. "Ashla has always
been the tough one, I always thought she'd be the one to have to rescue me".
Victoria thought to herself she has to do something so she pulled herself back
off the floor with a gleam in her eye of confidence that Ashla would be okay
until she could rescue her. Victoria took her flash light and looked around the
room, finding lots of folders on subjects that were being tested for something,
pushing through all the folders she found a map of the place and had some hope
it would help her find her friend.
She heard screams, but they weren't
Ashla's coming from the hall, she scrambled herself across the room into a dark
corner holding her gun thinking "those screams are not human". Step by step, the
noise got closer and closer and then it vanished to Victoria's amazement, but
she waited a few extra minutes to make sure it was gone. Something hit the
window outside and she seen a white flash again, she aimed her gun but it was
gone and she didn't even want to look out to chance something or someone seeing

The End

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