So It Begins..

WARNING: I did not fix the grammar, so if that bothers you I suggest don't read.

Ashla rubbed her eyes, and looked around. The placed seemed to be abandond, but
it was better safe then sorry. She glanced back to her friend, then threw off
her backpack and placed it between them. 'We need to get moving before we are
spotted, this building is going to be destroyed in less then four hours. So we
need to split up and find an exit, when one of us finds an exit use your
walkies, got it? Don't forget, kill anything that gets in your way.
Ashla and Victoria split and took their seperate ways. Ashla with her back against the paint chipped walls as she tried to be quiet could hear murmors or a sound in
the distance so she had her gun drawn and ready to take fire. Victoria, taking
steady slow breaths as she snuck quietly down the halls with her hand on the
walkie ready to find the exit before Ashla. Ashla slowly slid down the hall,
trying not to give her presence away. The sound got louder as she neard the
corner, she cautiously peeked around the corner, to see a dead end. Lowering her
gun she looked around, nothing. Victoria, walked at a steady pace occasionally
looking back. She too heard the sound. 'Maybe there is a reason this place is
abandond.' she whispered holding her walkie closer to herself. Her fingers
twitched on the botton as she heard the rumble of the floors beneath
her. Hearing the floors rumble Ashla gets a chill up her spine unlike anything
she's felt before and wonders if Victoria felt them aswell as she grabs her
walkie to see if she can get ahold of her she hears something coming down the
halls near her so she slips into the darkness. Victoria scared of what is
causing the rumbling floor thinks to herself that she should turn around and
find Ashla but she is too scared to move or even turn around so she continues to
walk but a loud noise stops her dead in her tracks."What is that" she whispers
to herself. Then she hears the noise stop only about 20 feet away. Victoria's
heart races, could whatever or whoever it was hear her whisper? She jets for a
room across the way and hides under a old desk and just hopes that Ashla will
come to her rescue.
Ashla ran the hall not caring if she was noticed. The only thought going through her mind was finding Victoria. She threw her gun around her back and grabbed the knife from her boot, and started running like a maniac. Victoria laid silent hoping nothing would find her, the sounds of footsteps were getting closer and closer. Her breathing quickened, her chest felt like a thousand bricks; her stomache was doing flips. As she leans over to peek around the desk, she heard none other than Ashla 'Victoria! Victoria, Where are you?' Her voice wouldn't work so she readied her gun, before she could stand she hears a loud grunt. As she looks back she sees a blur run past the window. 'Ashla!' She yelled running out of the run, only to collide with Ashla. Both girls let out a scream with weapons aimed.

The End

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