Angels and Demons and Us Mere Mortals Too...

This is part of another work, but I think it could work well with the group. Ron is a rich heir, for whom Shreya works. Shoiab and Ishan are best mates, and Ishan is dating Shreya. All are 17 years old. Jealousy, misogyny, and hedonism make a dark and devastating chapter, where friendships and love are lost forever. Warning: if you are uncomfortable with non-con, then this might not be for you. Well, it's not very graphic, but emotional aspects are implied, and it is a bit spiritual as well.

So, relationships are hard to survive. The moment one turns two, things get infinitesimally more complicated than if it had just been Shreya. She knew Ishan wasn't bad at heart, but this constant break-up drama was killing her. It was like being possessed. She wasn't allowed to do anything anymore. He was almost a shadow on her, and even a toe over the lines drawn by him would make him go into a frenzied emotional torture on her. Sometimes, things got physical as well. Ishan had broken 2 perfume bottles in his rage for Shreya not picking up his phone. Thankfully, however, he hadn't laid his hands on her. Part of that maybe his love for her, but part of it was also due to their celibacy. Shreya didn't let him touch her beyond conventional social touch, certainly not a lover's touch for sure. Was he frustrated? Maybe...

Shreya toyed her Blackberry, sipping on the 'Sparkling Bob'. The bitter tonic water made it difficult to drink more than a few sips of the cranberry glow-in-dark mocktail; it made her feel sick. In fact, the entire 'Dark Light Glow' theme was making her sick. The lack of lights made her dizzy and constant vibration of her phone made her feel shiver, along with her tiny skirt in the winter cold. Ron was calling her repeatedly, with an aim of God-knows-what. The music was terrible as well, yet, everyone was dancing. In fact, the only person sharing the black leather couch of Singhania Mansion's 'party hall' with her was Ishan. Sipping on his third 'Green Scorpio', he looked heavily drunk already, making Shreya's heart sink. He must have spiked it with vodka as usual, she thought, as her heart sunk deeper. She hoped, wished, begged to be anywhere other than here; the party was suffocating her. 

Something brushed against Shreya's calf, making her jump. Was she imagining things or was Ishan really dragging his knuckles across her bare lower leg? She looked down to see her black platform sandals, mentally sighing that his perversion was only her imagination. But slowly, yet, definitely, his fingers moved into her vision, inching closer to her legs. Shreya quickly moved her legs away from him, but he only moved closer. Shreya pivoted to turn towards him.

"No!" she whispered firmly, or she hoped she did. She liked this guy so much, and was willing to compromise on everything that meant life for her, yet there was something in him that choked up the fire within her. Was this normal? She didn't know. Nevertheless, his fingers stopped midway. Instead, he put an arm over her shoulder, pulling her closer, before starting to play with her hair. His head drifted closer to her neck, mouth ready to taste. 

"Shreya!" shouted Fatty. Ishan loosened his grip, and Shreya stood up. "I was looking for you! Someone wants to meet you." Ishan had stood up as well, hand subconsciously, or is it consciously, pulling Shreya's silver shrug off her left shoulder. The silver-sequined jacket was the only glowing thing she wore, apart from the silver 'Angel Wing Charm'. Her now-bare left shoulder made her feel cold, the December chill settling in; the jacket also seemed to guard her modesty, its unceremonious removal making her feeling sicker. 

"Excuse us, please!" Fatty snapped to Ishan. He let go. She pulled Shreya away to the other side of the massive hall, while Shreya saw Ishan mouth something that clearly rhymed with 'witch', before he walked away. He was going to get another drink, she thought.

Alone in the corner, Fatty spoke in her raspy, controversial voice. "What the --! Shreya! What were you doing? Making out in public? Not good for the image!" Shreya tried to cut in with denial, but Fatty didn't allow her. "Stop that non-sense! You are the Lux Girl. Your image is their image. Don't ruin it, or you will be ruined. Remember that!" She walked off to the center of the party, where Ron was dancing with Karma, the new girl in the block. 

Shreya wanted to scream! She wanted to shout! Why was life so unfair? Ishan was trying to harass her, but Fatty blamed her! Honestly, why wasn't there anyone who would listen to her? Why wasn't there anyone who would believe her? Love her! Love her without anything in return. Love her as she was. She hated everything! She hated her manager! She hated her boyfriend! Most of all, she hated this stupid Doomsday party! 

Someone coughed pointedly behind her. Shreya turned to face Ron, who was smiling."Someone doesn't look too happy!" he remarked. "What's going on?"

"Nothing," Shreya lied. "Just a bit nyctophobic in here." 

"Do you want to go outside for a few minutes?" Ron suggested. "Fresh air might help.It is very stuffy in here" 

"Not claustrophobic! Nyctophobic! Fear of darkness." Ron's ignorance annoyed her. 

"Sorry," Ron apologized. "My bad. Outside it will be brighter, trust me."

Shreya hesitated, "Won't Karma mind?"

"I doubt." Ron replied. "She seems to be busy with company". Shreya followed Ron's gaze to see Karma and Ishan chatting at the bar. Clearly, he was waiting for more drinks. Her stomach felt even more revolted. 

"Okay, then," she said. "let's go."

Outside, there was a restless silence in the air. The lack of motion was alarming, the front yard appearing even longer, lit up by fancy streetlamps. The old-fashioned lights looked pretty, but their glow was minimal enough to never overlap each others'. The mermaid fountain glowed eerily in the middle. It was a serene feeling, unlike the hot, sticky atmosphere inside that was weighed down with sweat and alcohol. They walked down the lamp-lit path. 

"Shreya, you wouldn't mind if I said something, would you?"

"Of course not. What?"

"We are friends, right? Even after everything that happened?" 

"Definitely! Why else would I be in your party? This isn't exactly part of my job, is it?"

"But, of course. So, umm..." Ron hesitated for a moment. "You do trust me like before, and are happy to be back as friends?"

"We are friends, Ron! Whatever happened is the past. We have both moved on from that point. You found Karma and me Ishan. Nothing could, or should, complicate this." 

"That's great! It's just, you haven't been yourself recently, and I felt as though, you know, you were not comfortable about us being friends..."

Shreya bit her lip. I wish I could tell you how complicated things have got! "Don't be silly! It's just work-pressure, that's all. We are friends, and I am absolutely comfortable being with you."

"Really? Then hug?" was he testing her?

"Hug!" Shreya replied, before hugging her lost pal. Her heart felt lighter than ever before. Like a weight had been lifted. Everything was back to normal. Ron pulled away, but the zip of his hoody tangled with Shreya's 'Angel Wing'. The chain came off. 

"I'll fix it." Ron assured. He turned her around, fastening the chain back again, letting the 'Wing' fall between her collar bones, which then slide down inside her black vest top. Ron was about tighten the hook with his teeth, when Karma and Ishan joined them. 

"Excuse me, but I am going to snatch my boyfriend away from you!" Karma joked.

"He's all yours!" Shreya assured, smiling. 

"Let's go inside." Ron offered. "The party is still on!"

"We are fine," Ishan replied, his voice cold. "We just want to spend some time together, don't we Shreya?" Shreya stared at him quizzically; but Ron replied that it was fine, and he went back in with Karma.


Shall we walk?" Ishan asked.

"Ya," Shreya answered, not very enthusiastic.

"Let's go." 

They started off walking down, down the same path as Ron and Shreya had been going; walking silently, till they reached the gates of the mansion. Then, some things happened so quickly, that Shreya couldn't fully understand the full detail. All she realised was that Ishan had grabbed her hard and strong and pinned her against the boundary wall. He was now grabbing her waist furiously, and hugging her rather intimately, hands going everywhere. 

"Stop!" she shouted, or she thought she shouted; pushing against his chest with her hands. The action was useless, he was too strong -- he only pulled her closer. His lips touched the skin of her neck. 

"No!" Shreya tried to scream, but the words came out much softer. Her skin burned every time his lips touched it. She tried to resist him again, pushing his chest. Muscles clenched under her palms...She could feel his heart's throb..."Please!" she begged, nails clawing into his t-shirt. He jerked her hand away from his chest; it caught his 'Angel Wing'. He forced her hands away from their bodies, holding them firmly. His chain and charm hung onto her right hand, which he forced against the wall. 

"Why, Ishan?" she whispered. 

"Why him, not me?" he replied and Shreya suddenly felt her body stop its struggle. The words made her feel dirty, and her body  decided to submit to him as an impact. He let go of the hands. They slid down to her side, the 'Wing' dropping down to the ground. Silent tears poured out of her eyes.

His lips moved down her neck, each touch forcing her soul away from her. He was crushing her very being now. Her soul was disgusted. A soul so pure, untouched...It didn't want his filthy desire's grope. It was moving away. Far away. Deeper, into a place where Shreya could never retrieve it from. She could just blankly stared at the moonless sky. 

Suddenly, something jerked her back to life. His hands were going inside her top! Half-way up already, and suddenly, her senses were back. She could smell the stench of alcohol coming from him and see the hungry fire in his beastly blue eyes.Energy sparked back in her, and she grabbed his hand before it reached any further up. He had violated her mentally, but she wasn't going to let him do so physically. A sharp pain on her bottom left rib made her realise she was no match for him. Tears rolled down her cheek; everything was going dark now...her eyes were seeing dark...

And suddenly, there was light! Lots of light! Bright light! Light that almost blinded her. Ishan's weight on her seemed to decrease. Or was he being pulled away from her? Blinking, Shreya saw, through a haze of tears, a strong, tall angel throwing Ishan away from her, who had to stagger before balancing back to his feet.

Shoiab reached an arm out to Shreya, who sunk into it. Ishan made a move, but Shoiab was holding onto his fist, stopping him. 

"You --" Shoiab shouted a series of abuses which were not appropriate for normal human conversations for sure. He was shaking with rage. Shreya cowered against his chest. "Come an inch closer, and we will have your dead body here!" This was a Shoiab neither Shreya nor Ishan had seen...they all knew the human teenager Shoaib, failing to notice the man he had grown up angel. Ironically, Ishan's 'Angel Wing' was under Shoiab's foot...Like a fallen angel had helped another rise up higher...

Shoiab walked Shreya into his car, which was parked literally outside the gate, headlights lighting up the crime scene. Soon the engine revved, silencer let out a gust of smoke and the wheels created a cloud of dust in front of Ishan. Then, it sped away, taking  Shreya and Shoiab far away from that pathetic excuse of a man...

The End

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