Dan McCredie

Dan owned a car repair garage and in the summers he would offer mechanic apprenticeship to teenage boys in the nearby towns. They would come and work for him for weeks at a time and they would enjoy the work, Dan was a friendly boss who paid well and taught well and the boys would often return on their pedal bikes or the older ones in their hand me down cars, to help out on weekends or after school. Good boys, good small town boys. Every now and then you’d hear of disappearances and the local news would have a front page spread of a young man’s face. Picture of a good boy, a good small town boy like Jonny Darling, boys who never put a foot wrong never did any harm would disappear.

Time would pass and the parents would grieve and mourn and the cops came up empty handed. It wasn’t until the eighteenth boy went missing that someone worked it out. Suddenly broken, rotted and toothless bodies were being dug out the ground or found in a nearby ditch or aqueduct. Broken boys with long gone broken spirits. A search warrant was put out for Dan McCredie – the media dubbed tooth fairy and his perfumed house was ripped apart. Bits of tooth or hairs found under beds and embedded in the carpet, and then the dogs found the basement trap door.

Richard Johnson - 17

Michael Fisher - 15

Daniel Wise - 16

Steven Thomas - 16

Charlie Holden - 18

Robert Poulson - 14

Tommy Prior - 15

Jonny Darling - 16

Thomas Brook - 14

Young, vibrant, clever boys piled on top of each other and left dead, mottled, empty and cold. This is the life and times of Dan McCredie. He was found two states over in some dead end bar boasting oh how he was escaping the cops between gulps of liquor. The barman recognized his face from the newspapers and called the state police in the back room of the bar. Dan heard the sirens and downing his drink, ran out into the parking lot crying “You’ve found me you bastewards, hide and seek took you long enough you ducks” and then he ran down a side alley til a cop smart enough to know what men deserve shot him in the leg. Now he walks with a limp as he waits within the barbed wire never to return to life. Life he does not deserve.

I am not such a man. I have done no true wrong, wrong place, wrong time, wrong life. A lie asleep at night and dream of an escape but I wake up to a nightmare.

The End

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