Comfort at a Cost

David watches in odd fascination as Kariya head bangs in time to the music. For a kidnapper, he is very suave, and calm. It's almost as if they are college roommates on a road trip, rather than a kidnapper and a victim. 

David shifts in his seat, and winces at the rope burns on his wrists. Almost like roommates. As "Moonlight" by Varien and SirenScol dies, and the car quiets, David clears his throat.

"Mr. Kariya," Kariya snorts and shows him a look.

"Kid, it's just Kariya. We're like the same age." David nods.

"Right, I'm sorry. Kariya, I was wondering -" 

"Out with it!"

"Could you untie me? I'm not used to being tied up." Kariya groans. 

"Man, you are so not used to kidnapping. Are you even scared? I'm taking you to your doom, and you ask if I will untie you??" David swallows uncomfortably. He has been mustering his courage to ask to be untied for two hours, and it's very disappointing to be shut down so quickly. 

"Oh." He looks out the window. Kariya sighs, and takes the ramp towards the nearest city. The car is quiet for another hour until Kariya parks the Lamborghini in front of IKEA.

"Fine, I'll give you a chance to buy your freedom." David blinks. 

"You're letting me go?"

"NO! I'm offering to untie you. Anything I tell you to buy - you whip out daddy's endless credit card. If you agree, you can be untied." He sticks out his hand for a handshake, and David awkwardly reaches out with both tied hands. 

"Alright. What do you want?" Kariya smiles gleefully. 


Four hours later, and David and Kariya are sitting in the IKEA restaurant, eating meatballs and mashed potatoes on colorful plastic plates. They have two carts full of useless junk: teddy bears, cantaloupe seeds, rolling chairs, fresh salmon, thirty chocolate bars, a box of screws, a small couch, and a rope swing set.

"You know, we could have eaten on porcelain, like adults." David points out, picking at a meatball. Kariya shrugs.

"Who cares? I never got to do this thing while I was a kid, so I get to do it now." He slaps his hand on the table. "I know! I want a new bed spread! With polkadots!" He jumps up. "Let's go slave! I think I want new pillowcases too!"

David groans.

The End

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