Nice Ride

Even after five years, Kariya is still in love with the car S.S.A.D. entrusted to him for abductions. They are not the kind of organization to cut corners, and his car showcases that- it's the famed Lamborghini Veneno. At first, Volker was worried that it would attract too much attention, which is not exactly what you want to do when you have a bound, unwilling captive behind the bulletproof, tinted backseat windows.

But Kariya is the "ace abductor"; the "golden boy'. Even if his methods are a bit... unconventional, he is the most effective kidnapper, and in a society where it matters more than anything else, he is Volker's favorite.

Even David, the billionaire's kid, is impressed with his ride, and his eyes widen under his fringy bangs.

Speaking of David, as he drives, Kariya finds that he is actually a surprisingly good abductee.

He's pretty quiet, and he has no problem with Kariya's taste in music- really, that's rare. He doesn't even mind the fact that his hands and feet are still bound with rope. As he tells Kariya repeatedly, he's just glad he's going to miss the Tech Snap interview.

"What's your deal with being interviewed?" Kariya lifts a hand off of the steering wheel and smoothes back his gelled hair. "Aren't you a rich kid? Don't you do this kind of stuff all the time?"

David squirms uncomfortably in the backseat.

"Well- yeah. And I hate it. My dad owns a software company, SkyPike software systems, and the interviewers always ask me questions about stuff  that I don't know, like "specs" and updates. I'm not as good at technology and stuff as they think I am." He pauses; attempts to shake his bangs out of his eyes. "And I... I get stage fright. "

"So you're more afraid of talking to Holly Winter... than you are of being kidnapped?" Kariya laughs. "Crazy yuppie."

The End

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