Not Nervous

Kariya tells himself that he isn’t nervous; that he’s not supposed to be nervous.

That doesn’t make him feel better.

He’s been a member of the S.S.A.D. since he dropped out of high school at sixteen. It’s been five years, and Kariya’s done this more times than he can count. He doesn’t like to think of himself as bad person. He’s not like the others, right? They think it’s funny; they smile as they snatch small children from their beds-

But then he remembers that he’s done the same thing. He’s abducted sultans and princesses; celebrities and millionaires. He’s no different. He is a kidnapper.

He is a member of the S.S.A.D.

Kariya shakes his head, slowly, trying to clear it. He can’t look nervous when he reports to Volker.

Kariya knows what Volker does to members who look nervous.

He hears his name over the intercom, and he takes a deep breath. He knows the drill: time to go receive orders. He wonders, idly, who it will be this time.

It turns out that even Volker makes mistakes.  

The End

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