Silent Society for Accidental Disappearances

Where do all of the missing people disappear to? Are they only accidental happenings? No. They are not.
*Shout out to @LeaveItToMe for naming the villain!

More than nine hundred thousand people were reported missing and not found, last year.

That is a lot of people disappearing, and not coming back.  It makes mothers cry. It makes grandparents wonder.

Where do they all go? 

The disappearances are due partly to runaway children. Partly to runaway parents. But, mostly, they are due to the purchased and deliberate disappearances that have occurred since the establishment of the S.S.A.D.

The Silent Society for Accidental Disappearances. 

A magnificent organization, really.

The Society is, to the masses, an international organization that likes to call itself “scientific”. It is dedicated to finding missing aliens, life forms, and UFO's. They throw a mildly successful conference each year at a convention center in Greece, and sell many T-Shirts emblazoned with the ludicrous slogan: "I KNOW YOU DIDN'T JUST DISAPPEAR - WHERE ARE YOU ALIENS?"

However, to the desperate, the crooked, and the knowledgeable, they are a brilliant network of the most talented kidnappers known to man- or, rather, unknown. Those admitted into S.S.A.D can slip into the slums and shadows with pride, knowing that they are of the most talented evil abductors alive. 

They specialize in large scale kidnappings, such as political figures, millionaire children, and the occasional CEO. Wonderful at quiet, quick transitions, their motto is "Here today,  forgotten tomorrow." and they keep to it.

So long as you pay up.

S.S.A.D ensures that they are paid, in twelve zeroes, before the disappearance begins. And if they aren't? Then you become the check, and the Society just collects you instead. 

The head of operations is an ugly, shriveled man with patchy hair and a bad spine. But his name alone, Damon Volker, is enough to send waves of awe and inferiority through any criminal. Volker is more machine than human. It was said that Volker never eats, drinks, or sleeps, only plans. His schemes are so utterly brilliant, so totally genius, that to crooks, they are the stuff of legend.

His plans are only written once, they are used, and then they are burned. They never leave his hands. Damon Volker has never made a mistake. 

Or so he thinks. 

In nine hours, Damon Volker's strong cup of Earl Grey tea - not all of the rumors are true - will shatter to the immaculate granite floor as he is flooded with horror and realization. 

The wrong person is about to be taken, and the plans have already been burned.


The End

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