Oppressive EmptinessMature

It's simpler here thought Amara I hate it, but it's easier.

She traced the pattern of fresh scars along her forearms; long, sweeping lacerations that spiralled down from her elbow like swirls of smoke. A smile touched the edge of her lips, and she wasn't sure why.

Rain begun battering the small square window behind her, energized by the wind that had been attacking the building for some time now. She couldn't remember how long.

She thought about turning over to watch the raindrops trickle down the thick glass, she quite liked it. It was calm and it reminded her of her childhood - long car journeys through downpours with no direction. Once she'd finished reading whatever book she'd grabbed from cover to cover, twice, she'd watch the water race down the car windows in furious streams as they sped along at double the speed limit.

Instead, she stared at the light blue wall in front of her. Moving was an effort. Breathing in and out was enough for her to deal with right now. Though, she wished she didn't have to breathe.

"Involuntary response... autonomic nervous system," she muttered, unaware she was speaking aloud.

Outside the window a troubled face she wouldn't have recognised watched her intently. He stood without any shelter but there wasn't a single drop of rain on him. His features were, however, obscured by a shadow that didn't seem to be attached to an object. His face was almost completely invisible, with only the outline of his hair identifiable.

Amara closed her eyes, just as her room grew dark. The darkness came from the window, just as light usually would from the Sun. It appeared to be emitted from the man scrutinizing her, a dark radiation of shadows bleeding from every part of his body in a thick beam.

She opened her eyes because she felt the darkness choke her, like a toxic gas or thick black smoke. Her open eyes did nothing to calm the sudden rising panic that blazed up inside of her as she was surrounded by pitch blackness. Her arm, littered with cuts, was no longer visible in front of her despite it lying a few inches from her face.

Her breath became jerky and disjointed as she rasped for air, but what she took into her lungs clutched to her throat like ice, freezing her insides like she'd drunk liquid oxygen. Her limbs wouldn't move, otherwise she'd be writhing around in response to the horror that had snatched her like a frenzy.

The shadows the shadows the shadows oh the shadows are coming.

Her mind raced but her body wouldn't answer her. It lay totally still like a corpse, looking peaceful and serene. The only indication that something wasn't okay was in her eyes - bloodshot, dilated pupils and wet from tears - and her skin - deathly pale, with goosebumps scattered across the whole of it.

Hasn't anyone noticed the dark? she pleaded in her mind to no particular audience. She thought about praying to God but even in this desperate situation she couldn't convince herself God was real. If anything it persuaded her otherwise - no God would let such darkness exist. It was so wrong, so unclean.

She tried to scream but it was as though the shadows had sucked the sound away as well as the light. The air seemed thick and dense, like she had plunged into an opaque storm cloud, but it was also morbidly sparse, like a vacuum... like she was travelling through a place outside of the Universe where there was nothing. Oppressive emptiness - that's what it was. Oppressive emptiness.

The End

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