Back Off!Mature

The Joker returned to his apartment.So, The Riddler has damn near killed The Batman, stolen my glory.He punched a fist into the wall, anger radiating. Harley was gone, no doubt she would be back to him again soon.

A flashing red light caught his eye. He had a message. The Joker’s voice came through the recorder. “Joker, back off The Batman. He is mine, and mine alone. If you do not, I will kill Harley Quinn. You have been warned”.

The Joker played the message back three more times.No hidden riddle? Not The Riddler’s work.Unless he wants me to think like this.

He began pacing back and forth. He was by no means going to give up on his plans. He had to be the one to kill The Batman. But surely it wouldn’t hurt to let The Riddler think he had. That way, The Riddler is happy, and Harley stays alive to be of use. He picked up the receiver, pressed re-dial and uttered three words. “He’s all yours”.

The End

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