Search and DestroyMature

The Joker hung up his phone. He wasn’t going to waste time on one of the Riddler’s stupid riddles. However, he was going to try and find The Batman; he wanted to be the one who killed him, he did not want The Riddler to have the satisfaction.

Moving with a determined purpose, he entered the mansion. Fires burned everywhere, debris lay scattered in every nook and cranny. Smoke had filled the room, completely obscuring The Joker’s vision. He shuffled through the rubble, attempting to glean a sign of Wayne’s passing. Several footprints were left in the dust on the ground. He followed them.  

They brought him to the main room of the mansion. Large stones lay on the ground, pillars of smoke filled the room. Flames licked at the legs of a grand piano, and next to the piano, rubble was piled up into a mound. The footsteps ended at the pile. So, Bats escaped into his cave did he?

The Joker smiled, and then fled the scene.


“Heeyyy Joker baby” Harley greeted him as he re-entered his apartment. She lay on the couch, her blond hair in ponytails, one leg bent up, the other spread out along the couch.

“Did you take care of business as I asked?”

“Yeah, the bombs are ready; all you need to do is pull the trigger!”

“Excellent, I do love a good explosion”. She passed him a remote, he took it in his hand, an pressed it. Somewhere in Gotham city, a park was exploding.

The End

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