Wet WingsMature

Oh crap. What a clutz!! Ugh. What if he dies? I couldn't have that. The fun is only getting started. Hmm...what to do...what to do...

I got it!!

I pull out my cell phone and call an old friend of mine who---if my sources are correct---is attending this very party.

. . .


"Hello, Joker. How are you?"

"Riddler?? How did you get my---"

"Could you help me out, please?"

". . . depends . . ."

I smile. "I need you to help an old friend of mine. Bruce Wayne. I believe that you're at his party?"

"Did you do this??"

"That's of no concern to you, my friend. Just find Bruce Wayne and make sure he's alright. I would hate to see him get so hurt before the fun even began."

"Why---of course, Riddler. As long as you give me a little info on this plan of yours."

A riddle suddenly popped into my head. I decided it wouldn't be a bad time to deal it. 

"Riddle me this---a vigilante called The Batman walks into a bar---"

"Sounds like the beginning of a joke," he chuckled, trying to conceal his trademark high-pitched laugh.

I scowled. "DO NOT INTERRUPT ME!!" I roared. I took a deep breath. "Riddle me this---The Batman is a butterfly before wet wings."

I hung up. 

The End

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