I donned my suit, checking my reflection in the mirror. Shaking my suit jacket, I managed a small smile. Not bad... 

Alfred practically yelled, "You look ravishing in that jacket sir."

Annoyed, I said "Vickie was invited like everyone else Alfred."

"Of course sir. Shall I inform her of our affair?"

He finally broke my compozer and a smile crossed my face. The door to my oversized dressing room closed as Alfred left.


Classical music filled the halls. My watch beeped until my finger shut it of. Ten minutes till guests arrive. This has to be the most punctual party on the planet. 

Leaving Alfred to the door, I walked to the kitchen, tasting the wine. The doorbell rang. It rang again. Irritated I yelled "Alfred, the door!"

A quiet voice responded "I'm in the loo sir!"

Sighing, I quickly made my way to a room beside the front door. The window to my right imploded and an all too familiar boom filled the air. Thanking my luck, I dashed to the door and cracked it open, peering outside. Vickis body layed on the ground, contorted in differing directions. Reason abandoned me and I yanked the door open wider. Another explosion smashed the door into my chest, throwing it of it's hinges and me skidding on my back down the hall. Moaning, I covered my ears as more explosions shook the manor. The ceiling creaked above me. I rolled into an adjacent hall, avoiding twelve tonnes of brick. The roar of fire really got my attention. My eyes snapped to the flames licking a window at the end of the hall. No way to get outside... need to get below. I screamed "ALFRED!"

A sharp pain caught my attention. I looked down. My left hand immediately clenched my stomach, blood dripping to the floor.The door... I must have forgot in my shock. 

Slowly, I stumbled through my manor, yelling "ALFRED?!"

I stumbled through a door into the main room. Roaring flames licked the curtains, furniture and rugs. Motz Arts sixth symphony played quietly in the back-round, occasionally inaudible with the crashes of collapsing structure. A tree fell through the wall, bending a gas pipe into the room. Fire rushed across the room, then collapsed back into a four foot long breath. Groaning, I focused on the massive staircase and stumbled up two flights of stairs. Flame covered the second floor as well, but smoke from the first had risen to this floor. Choking, I breathed through my jackets cuff, screaming as loud as I could "ALFRED!"

An arm twitched underneath a table beside the servants bathroom. Taking a deep breath, I lunged at the table, throwing it of Alfred. Ignoring my stomach and wheezing, I lifted him into a fire-mans carry with a cry, carrying him to the foot of the stairs. Walking two feet to the left, I stuck a key into a locked piano. My free hand played nine notes. The floor opened, revealing a winding staircase. I can still get Vicki!

I walked down the staircase, carefully setting Alfred down at the bottom. Sprinting with one hand clenching my stomach, I made it to the top of the staircase. A new gas line exploded, tossing me down the staircase. My head smashed into a step, reducing the world to darkness.

The End

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