An Old FriendMature

The Joker upturned the bags of money onto his coffee table. Something in excess of ten million dollars fell out. A smile curled the edge of his extended mouth, the cuts rising further up his cheeks. That should just about cover a large amount of his plans.

He moved over to the window again and gazed out at the many lights of Gotham. If his plans were to work, he would need the help of an old friend. He held his cell to his ear, pressed speed-dial 1 and waited for the answer.

“Hello, it’s been a while. You up for some mischief?”


The knock at the door came an hour later. The Joker allowed a smile to grace his face again as he answered it. Harley Quinn stood there, wearing skin tight mini-jeans and a black tank top. Her make-up was nearly as elaborate as The Joker’s.

“Heeyyy Joker baby, how’s it hangin?”

The Joker moved in and placed a kiss on her lips.

“As low as ever, Harley. But that’s not why I called you. You want to help me take out The Batman?”

“Old Bats? Sure, it’s about time we got him don’t ya think?”

“I knew I could count on you, Harley”.


His make-up removed, his purple suit switched for a black. He stepped from the taxi, paid off the driver and turned into the rain. Bruce Wayne’s manor. It was ironic how, once his make-up was removed, he was friends with the man who was trying to lock him up. Oh yes, he knew Wayne was the Batman, he had found it out a long time ago.

Wayne was throwing a party, for a selected amount of guests from the higher ends of the Gotham social ladder. As he moved around to the front of the house, The Joker spotted smoke rising in front of the door, and the mangled body of a woman laying there. The Joker could spot a plan when he saw one, so he decided to wait and watch from the shadows.

The End

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