176.9 secondsMature

Timing is the key to everything in this world, is it not? If you time everything correctly your entire life, then your entire life will be full of bliss and success. Up until today I have been far too anxious, and have never allowed time to pass between my plots and plans.

Not to be confused with pots and pans, of course.

So I'm sitting on top of this building, staring through my technologically advanced binoculars at Bruce Wayne's humble abode---well, not so humble. If it was made of gold it'd look cheaper, almost. The outer walls and windows are so clean. 

Too bad I'm going to blow them to pieces in a few minutes.

Or a few hours, depends on when the timing feels right.

OH! Would you look at that. It's Bruce Wayne's old friend, Vicki Vale. Isn't she a cute one? I wonder if I should blow her up when she attempts to knock on his front door. Hmm...tempting, tempting.

Oh. But am I really that heartless?

Why, yes I am. 

I raise my hand and stab my finger into the detonator, just as the beautiful Vicki Vale lifts her hand to knock on the door.

Five seconds pass...

I sure hope that Batman isn't standing too close to the area. It would be rather anti-climatic, now wouldn't it?

Oh, yes! An explosion! Lovely! The mushroom cloud that now envelopes Bruce Wayne's "kingdom" is a beautiful shade of red---or is it orange? I can't tell. I was never good with colors.

Mother always said I wore too much green. Hmm...I never really listened to that woman. She was an insolent whore who's intelligence was much lesser than my own. Even my father was a complete failure. I didn't inherit their foul genes though. I'm sure that I'm the son of a billionaire genius who didn't have time for another brilliant child such as me. Which is why he sent me to parents who are complete morons. So I could see what not to be. I'm sure one day my theory will be confirmed.

Oh! I completely forgot!

I look through my binoculars again.

OH JOY! Vicki Vale is laying on the ground! Oh my goodness, I must have placed the bomb a teeney weeney bit too far to the right. I was really hoping the flames would consume her body, so no one would know what ever became of the gorgeous Vicki Vale.

I wonder when Batman will show up. Hmm...when he does, I'll be watching.

And no...the fun is not over. It's only beginning.

First was the explosion, the next part is the best part, in my opinion.

I'm going to reveal the identity of Batman to the entire world.

And I'm going to do it in approximately 176.9 seconds.

The End

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