The gas doesn't mean anything, leaving only is first riddle. Two pure pennies... pennies are made of copper, another word for an officer. These two must be Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Gordan, the same men that refuse to lock me up. What is he planning to do with them? 

My feet landed softly onto the skyscrapers top floor. I casually moved to the signal, disguised by night. A soft, circular white light lit the sky, a dark bat in the middle. 


Lieutenant Gordon sighed with annoyance once Dent arrived. Dent didn't bother asking where I was. No reporter or officer can ever see me here. If they do, they'll have hard evidence against half my allies.

In my hiding spot, I stated "Both of you have been threatened by the Riddler. Modify your protection details and habits, it'll make things easier for me while I track down the Riddler."

Gordon quickly said "The Joker just robbed Kline and Klux bank, killed three people. We've got no prints, dna, nothing."

Anger crept in. A slight growl entered my voice "The Riddler is the lesser. Stay safe from him, I'll find the Joker."

My feet scratched the concrete as I left, then resumed their silent stroll through the city heights, using my cape to silently fall from rooftop to rooftop. 


Alfred walked into the cave, smirking. "Is the clinic closed tonight sir?"

My boots slipped of my feet. "Something serious is happening Alfred. The Riddler and Joker both striked on the same day. It can't be coincidence."

I sat down at my master computer, stating "I'll be here all night."

Text flashed before my eyes, running down the screen. Alfred said "The Riddler would want to ridicule you in a different way than the Joker. Not to mention they're both too smart to work with each other, no matter how coincidental these circumstances are. Goodnight sir."

The End

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