Riddle me this.Mature

Riddle me this - who is Gotham's greatest crime fighter?

Riddle me this - who is Gotham's favorite wealthy playboy?

Riddle me this - are they one and the same?

I usually never like to give out the answers to my riddles, but I will break my own rule so you don't hurt yourself.

Gotham's greatest crime fighter is most certainly the Batman. He is cold, relentless, and somewhat intelligent. That's more than can be said for all of the policemen in the city, put together.

Gotham's favorite wealthy playboy is without a doubt Bruce Wayne. He is generous - in fact, he owns his own charity - prissy, and dimwitted. That can be said for almost every citizen in Gotham - well, if you remove the generous part.

Are they one and the same? 

To you the answer may be a clear "No", but to me, it seems very likely that the answer be "Yes".

But the Batman and Bruce Wayne are practically total opposites, you say.

Well, don't you see, that's the point! Bruce Wayne and the Batman are total opposites, yet, they do have one thing in common. They both fight crime.

Bruce Wayne owns a charity called the Wayne Foundation, a charity devoted to helping the victims of crime and preventing people from becoming criminals.

But the most damming evidence, laid right in front of me a few days ago. I followed the Batman back to his cave, before anyone had ever heard of my escape from Arkham Asylum. I watched him take off his helmet - or mask, whichever I prefer - and was shocked when I saw the face of Bruce Wayne.

Have you ever seen Bruce Wayne and the Batman together? No? Well, there you have it. Bruce Wayne is the Batman, and I know. His greatest enemy. The Riddler, the master of deception and trickery, knows Batman's true identity.

Oh. But that's not even the best part!

I'm one step ahead of him now, because of what I know. But he thinks that he's one step ahead, which in effect, puts him two steps behind me.

You must be wondering when I'll quietly sneak up behind him and kill him, or hire a team of snipers to kill Bruce Wayne. I'm going to tell you right now, that's not the way I work. I can't just kill my enemies. I have to put them into a situation where they could escape if they're smart enough. Which is what I'll do.

But because I know Batman's true identity, I can reveal it to the world, and make Batman's life a whole lot harder. 

Before I jump into the fun, though, I think I may first go leave a little note on Bruce Wayne's doorstep. A friendly reminder that I'm out to get him, and that I know who he is.

A friendly reminder that I like to call, a bomb.

I can't wait to see the Batman's own home go up in flames.

Along with his sanity.

The End

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