Silent SentinelMature

The world greatest detective tries to stop a battle between the joker, riddler and himself.

My computer detected a signal, pulsating up and down. Curious, I left the manor, using my PDA to track the signal. The signal suddenly spiked erratically near Gotham News, then deviated into several diferentiating spikes. Assuming this is visual morse code J-a-c-k-r-o-d-e-a-h-o-r-se... Jack Ryder. 

I hid in the young night near the notorious Jack Ryders office, watching him fume over his writers block. Pictures of Arkam Asylum were stuck to his white office walls, along with a picture of a mysterious map. He deleted another copy of his story, rubbing his forehead. The intercom cracked and a voice hiding it's excitement said "Riddle me these- two pennies added together, purer than the rest, are strengthened by an outside source? Riddle two- who didn't know Jack about Gotham?"

That was enough. I climbed through an open window, and walked into Jacks office. My right hand grabbed his arm, dragging his struggling body out .  My eyes scanned the hallway. Good, no one else is here.

I shut his office door then released him, ordering "Get out!"

Jack didn't need telling twice, he bolted to the exit. The intercom squeaked "Please, a child could have figured that one out, let alone the worlds greatest detective."

A hiss issued from the office. Gas... with the Riddler, anything can be part of his riddles. 

The End

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