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My first ghost story. I'm not kidding when I say you will be scared, and you'll think I'm lying when I said it's my first :P


 I spun around the corner using the adrenaline that pumped through my entire body to find...darkness. With the bat held high as though I were about to hit a home run, my eyes went wider to adjust to the lack of light. I stood there for a moment, silent...
I held my breath as to prevent making any noise. A long moment drifted by, still I didn't move a muscle.
     Standing there poised, and wide eyed I waited another long moment. Whoever was there surely would have thought I'd left already. If this were the case I would have heard movement by now, but I couldn't take chances. I made a small, stutter step forward, as covertly as I could, and waited again. Feeling more comfortable I inched my way ever-so-slowly down the narrow corridor, breathing only very shallow now. I'd gone from wide eyed, to squinting, now that my eyes had somewhat adjusted.
     Not a few steps in did I realize that the air had suddenly gone dry in the house. My eyes began to burn, but I wouldn't stop...I couldn't. My head snapped immediately to a slight creaking sound beside me. My heard seemed to jump into my throat. Had the air moved the bedroom door I had just passed? Where in the hell was the air coming from anyways? My house didn't have any windows big enough to let in air this palpable. It almost felt like a slight breeze, but why had it turned hot? This was by far the worst night conceivable to be left home by my dad as he went on a anyone, for that matter. 
     I stood still...lifeless as I evaluated the door, half hoping it would move again in order to solve the phenomenon...half hoping it wouldn't. When it didn't I was slightly disappointed, but definitely relieved. Quite the oxymoron huh? Then again, I must have been a moron to go seeking out the sound that had disturbed me from my music. Reaching for the door knob with my weaponless hand I pushed the door open quickly, and resumed my offensive stance: both hands on the bat, slugger style. 
     I stood still again, waiting to see if there would be a reaction to my action. I stood still a lot. It's best, I find, to evaluate things cautiously instead of rushing in and regretting it. In all the movies, you scream at the screen and ask the young heroine why she even bothered to open the door in the first place...that you knew she was in for it. I realized I was in that moment, only I was a guy, and I could not resist my curiosity's gravitational pull, so I guess the movies aren't total bull crap anyways.


     Peering in the door I saw that the night stand lamp was on. Something was off. Since mom's accident her room was untouched. Undisturbed, and forgotten...the way we liked it, to evade memories and heart ache. I skin crawled. You know, That kind of chill you get when you are positive that something's not the way you left it and no one's been there since? Well mom's been gone for almost four years now...and that lamp has not been on for four years...imagine what our electric bill would look like.
     My breathing became heavy as I peered further inside hoping to see that some strange, but completely natural, and definitely logical explanation was at hand. Since I remember that lamp to be the kind that you switch on at the cord, something could have fallen on it and switched it on...right? Staying rooted to my spot in the dark hallway I craned my neck sideways to assess the lamp's surroundings. With no visible culprit within view I swallowed hard and edged my way reluctantly to the door, and prepared for the worst.

     I was scared shitless. Completely numb at what I might find behind the door...if it didn't find me first that is. Turning my sight through the room as I entered hesitantly, I saw nothing out of place, except for the lamp of course. It was a bit strange to see that nothing was noticeably dusty. Now that there was no immediate attacker, I quickly glanced back into the hallway just to make sure that my back was covered. I made sure to turn back to my current speculation rather quickly, as to avoid being taken by surprise.
     I headed over to the closet where I could see mom's prom dress since the folding door was wide open, and made sure to avoid the bed. If someone were hiding under it they'd be sure to grab me by the leg. This crossing my mind I decided to check there first. If someone were in the room they definitely knew I was there too. It's strange being close quarters with someone who probably isn't going to hug you.

     Turning from mom's plastic covered prom dress I set my gaze to the carpet beside the bed. Getting down on one knee in slow motion I cocked my head sideways and peered under the bed keeping the bat in lethal position. At that moment the room went black. I immediately dropped onto my backside and dropped my bat to use my hands and feet to frantically crawl backwards to the opposite wall. My breathing became rapid. Pressing my back to the wall I realized I had instinctively done this because I had not seen if anyone was under the bed before the lamp was switched off by some unseen force. Damn it! I remembered dropping the bat out of fear. Why didn't this happen when the sun was out so I could see who, or what was in the room with me? I suppose that was a bit unrealistic. It was pitch black and it was silent. I squeezed my eyes shut. I figured this would all go away if I refused to believe it was happening.


     Just as I wrapped my arms around my legs and curled up into a ball there was noise again. There came the sound of something sliding across the dresser quickly. I flinched as the sound of the object hitting the carpet was that of shattering glass. Immediately following was the sound of winding...then I knew what was next before it came...

     Silence...and then mom's music box began to chime "The Entertainer", in the same manner the ice cream truck chimes its tune, only I'm sure I wasn't being sold sweets...

     I began to hyperventilate. My breath came fast and heavy. Although it was dark I could still tell the room was spinning. My head went light. I began to whine, and then there was pain. A red flash as my head and right eye seared like fire. I could have screamed. I would have screamed if I had the chance. 

     Before my brain got word from my body, another strike came, and I ceased to exit...

    ...or at least it felt that way.

The End

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