Silent prayers

One by one the effects of silence take tool on a family that seems to have lost so much...
Can time really heal ?



The use of sign language implied less noice,she liked that.In a world surronded by so much of it this three hours of translation with the council seemed like bliss to her.She pulled the colar of the jumper closer to her face and let a sigh be heard by none other than herself.

She continued to work as her toughts lingered to some more private matters and list of what to do where made and tick of.Time was felt in seconds and smaller fractions  when you can hear even you more intime toughts.

She picks her cup of tea that by now is luke warm and takes a sip anyway,just a few loose ends another five minutes top and the day will come to and end.

They sign goodbye and light kiss in the air,a recognition of some sort without being too personal and the day is indeed over.

She stops at a local store gets what she needs nad continues at a smaller speed to her home,you can see the stress becoming more and more as her steps bring her closer to the red door.

One number is at the top end " 7",a key is taken out of a alreday too full bag,another check is mentally crossed over in her list of things to do and the cold air of the night is firmly left behind as the door closes behind her back.

Still she stays at the entrance,upstairs real life and noice awaits her and yet she does not move forward or backwords.


The End

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