Tears rolled down Renesmee's face.

"We can't run away?" She mumbled. We all shook our heads, looking at the floor.

"Demetri will track us," Bella whispered.

"We can't kill him, Mommy?"

"We want but we can't." I butted in. Always want what you can't have. Renesmee groaned.

"I guess there's only one choice, then," she breathed.

"What choice?" I murmured.

"Let them get me." Anger, disbelief, the whole lot of them, flew back and forth everybody's faces apart from Renesmee's, who seemed strangely oblivious and calm about her situation.

"Renesmee! How many times do we have to tell you!" I growled with more sharpness than I had intended.

"Tell me what?"

"We will not let you die!"

"Try me."


"Hey! Cool it!" Blondie said. I glowered at her. Calmness seeped through my tense body, relaxing every muscle as it went, as if smooth, warm hands were massaging me all over.

"Jasper," I complained.

"You asked for it," Bella muttered, rolling her eyes. I inhaled deeply, holding it there. A million and one unintelligable thoughts rolled through my mind, tormenting me with their twisted, sick illusions. I shut my eyes as I exhaled, trying to see pure, unaltered blackness but flashbacks from my nightmare kept jabbing at the almost steady wall I kept up and eventually broke through. Renesmee, on the floor, lifeless; dozens of vampires screeching for her blood, crazyness not being hidden in their livid eyes. And worst of all, me, laying, howling, useless, not being able to do anything.

I caught Edward staring at me, confused, and I swiftly shoved the images from my mind wishing he had some kind of power to wipe people's minds. Yeah, we needed somebody that could just wipe someone's head clean of anything they didn't want to know.

"Jacob! You genius!" Edward shouted. I reflexively flinched away from him and returned the questioning glare he had just thrown me.

"What?" I asked.

"The perfect plan," he sighed.

"What plan?!"

"Ahh, now. Hmm, I wonder.."  He flew up the stairs.

"What plan!" I repeated angrily, launching myself onto the sofa. Everybody stared at me. "What!" I shouted at them. Edward came back down, a small silver phone to his ear.

"Yes, mmhmm, thank you...Is this Hazel?... Oh, hello, Hazel! It's good to speak to you again..yes, yes, thank you. Now, we have an emergency, and we need you..I'll tell you when you get here - it's complicated..where are you now?.. ahh, Florida?..mmhmm, yes..Orlando? That's roughly six hours..that's fine... Are you sure you are okay doing this for us? You remember where we live?..I'll meet you on the boardwalk in Seattle. Okay. Thanks, Haze..bye." He shut the phone with a smile on his face.

"What plan!" We all said together.

"Jacob had been doing some thinking," he started.

"Not purposely," I interrupted him.

"And he said, or thought, rather, we need somebody to wipe people's minds clean, to make them..forget any details we need them to. I know we shouldn't really drag Hazel into this but.."

"Hazel! Oh, dear Hazel!" Carlisle recalled.

"Hazel?" I asked.

"Haze is an old, old friend of ours. She was created long before me, just a little after Carlisles.. rebirth." Edward explained.

"And she can.. what, wipe people's memories?"

"Something like that, yes."

"And how are you planning to use this, exactly?"

"Well. You and Renesmee, you stay in.. ah! I know! A small cottage, on the edge of the woods, quite far away from here. We could buy it, not that money's a problem, anyway. Yes, so you stay there with Nessie whilst we go to the mountains, "preparing" to fight." I heard the quotation marks in his excited voice. "They all arrive. We hide in some nearby trees or something, and wait for the newborns to come in and find us. Now, when Haze wipes their memory, everything is a daze for the victims for about four minutes. So whilst they are staggering around, we have that amount of time to destroy them. They will come in as small groups of about twenty or so, no doubt, so that won't be too much of a challenge. Although, once they start disappearing, they will begin coming in larger groups, so we have to be careful. The experienced lot will then come in after, I am predicting, but we will have to get Alice to check-" he shot her a quick glance "-just in case I'm wrong.

"Haze's power will work effectively on the experienced, not as well as the newborns, though. They will soon realise what is happening and fight back more. We don't yet know if they have "gifts", but it is more than likely, I doubt they would fight so many if they didn't. Then again, they do have the upper hand of thousands of newborns."

"Son, could we not save a few newborns?" Carlisle asked.

"I don't know why you're asking me, but I.. I don't think we should. Cruel as it sounds, I just don't think it's right." Carlisle nodded.

"We still have the Volturi to help us fight," Bella whispered.

"Oh, of course! I almost forgot. And a variety of other strong clans, whether they have chose the opposing team, we don't know." Alice shut her eyes tight and then re opened them as the glassy surface reflected the twilight atmosphere filtering through the glass wall.

"Two on our side, four on theirs," she muttered.

"How many in each?"

"Three in one of the two, two in the other on our side. On theirs, all of them are made of two each."

"Five-eight, not bad," Edward murmured. The plan repeated over in my head, Edwards bright smile gleaming in my mind, the light from it seeming to come out of my eyes and mouth.

"Great," I breathed. I had finally done something to help. And this will turn out good.. I think.

The End

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