"Jacob.." Edward started.


"I think you should go and see Billy. Your Father, I mean."

"I know what my own Dad's name is." I muttered with more sharpness than I had intended. He rolled his eyes quickly.

"I think..since..since you are quite the pessimist on this 'subject'"-I could hear the quotation marks in his tone-"then you should at least pay your Dad at least one last visit."

"I don't want to go back to La Push, Edward. And Billy is sure as hell not coming over here."

"I wasn't suggesting that. But would it really hurt you? To do that one thing for him?"

"Yes, actually. Yes it would."


"Edward." I cut him off pointlessly, knowing it would annoy him.

"I think you should. And I think Bella would as well-"

"Listen. Don't try and vote against it, Edward. It's not happening." By this time, I was perched on a small leather sofa in the near centre of their room, and Edward was leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest.

"I guess it's your decision." His thick eyebrows raised as he spoke. Bella came back upstairs then, carrying me a mug of hot chocolate. Of course, she wasn't walking slowly and cautiously so she didn't spill it, she whizzed towards me at a clearly abnormal speed. I thanked her and slurped it slowly. Edward looked slightly agitated at my loud and decelarated movement but didn't say anything.

It was 7am when Nessie woke up. A few minutes before she had awoken, Edward recieved a phone call from Alice. They were home. Alice didn't tell him what the Volturi had said, only ordered him over as soon as possible. He had gone in a flash.

Nessie would be so happy to be able to see Alice again.

She rubbed her eyes and yawned as she trailed down the stairs and into the living room. She jumped into my lap and Bella ran into the forests after Edward.

"Now." She said to me, her finger tracing over my eyelids carefully. "I shan't think that you have slept right until I woke up, mister." I decided to play along.

"No, ma'am."

"Then you better have thought and got your stories straight."

"Yes, ma'am." Silence.

"Well, go on then!" She urged me.

"We will be paying a visit to Alice today."

"What?!" She shrieked happily, a grin stretching across her face as she leapt up from her position - in my lap.

"Yes. Now hurry up and get dressed." A smile widened on my tanned cheeks. She waltzed with hurried movements up the stairs and was back down within two minutes, dressed, teeth brushed, face washed.

"Come on then!" We raced into the green tangle and emerged, always too quickly, from the other side. The excited grin never left her face. I could feel, almost see, the tense atmosphere of the house vibrating towards me. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring Renesmee, after all.. I bit down hard on my lip and screamed in my head.

Edward! Edward! Can you hear me? Ugh. Of course you can. Listen, I'm nearly at the house now. If it's too bad, come outside on the porch. I don't want anything to upset Renesmee!

I waited and listened for any signs of footsteps on the porch, but I heard none. Oh, well obviously I wouldn't. He was just ridiculously quiet. I guess I wouldn't know until we got there.

The End

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