Seth? Leah?

What? They both thought at the same time.

You need to go back to La Push. Now.

No! Seth roared.

No way, Jake, Leah added in.

It's an Alpha command.

You said you didn't like being the Alpha! Seth sneered.

Yeah, well now I do.

You can't just do that, Jake. Leah butted in.

Do what?

Change your mind like that. It's either you order us around, or you don't.

I hesitated carefully. This was to keep Leah and Seth safe. If they were unsafe.. I couldn't do that to Sue - to me, even.

Fine. I'm the Alpha, and this is a command.

Aww! Seth complained. Jake, please! I don't wanna go back!

Wait, Leah said. What was that about keeping us safe?

It's nothing, I lied.

It is, Leah replied.

Let me re phrase that. It's nothing you need to know about.

Jacob, you know we'd worry ourselves sick about you whilst we're not with you.

Think about your Mom, Seth. Your own Mom barely sees you, and you think you can't afford to stay away from me? I think, no, I know that you have the strength, and I have the strength to look after myself. Now go.

I hate it when you're right, Leah huffed.

Then you must hate most of the things I say. Get out of here.

Jake! Seth called.


Is there something wrong with the Cullens?

Seth, shut up and go.

But if they're in danger-

GO! I growled. I immediately felt bad. Sorry, Seth. Just go before I really do lose my mind, okay? Thanks.

He and Leah ran through the forest.

Oh, and guys? I quickly remembered. Stay out of your wolf form unless it is an emergency, okay?


Just do it.

Whatever you say, boss.

I kept why they weren't allowed in their wolf forms out of my head so they wouldn't find out.

I phased and walked half of the way to the cottage.

As I was walking, kicking rocks as I went, I thought about two things: If Seth and Leah heard my worries, my fear for Renesmee, what would they do? I knew that. They'd come straight back and wouldn't leave. The second thing was what would happen if things didn't go quite to plan? Not that we even had a plan, anyways. I knew straight away what I would do if this turned even more disastrous.

I would save Nessie.

I would do what ever it took to save her, and she knew that. Everybody knew that.

I fumbled with the handle on the cottage under heavy eyelids. I didn't know how long it had been since I'd slept. Three days, maybe more?

Bella was at the door already, blocking the entrance. I tried to get in but there was no use.

"Why won't you let me in?" I asked her.

"I will. Only if you promise not to destroy my house this time." I rolled my eyes dramatically and nodded. She let me in.

Nessie was sitting on a chair in the kitchen, toying absently with the table cloth.

"Jake?" She whispered as I walked through the door.

"Yep." I comfirmed my presence. She came over and hugged me, jumping into my arms.

"Can we go to Carlisle's house now?" I bit down hard on my lip.


"Aww, not you, too!"

"Sorry Nessie." Edward and Bella had disappeared upstairs again.

"You'll tell me though, right?"

"Tell you what?"

"Why exactly I'm not allowed out of the house without parental supervision."

"You're not allowed to do that normally, Nessie," I reminded her.

"Ha!" She snorted.


"So there is something up."

"And what makes you think that?"

"You're not allowed to do that normally, Nessie," She quoted me, trying to imitate my voice. "So all of a sudden things aren't normal?" Her sweet voice returned.

"Well of course they are." I lied. I hated lying to Nessie.

"Hmm," She said, studying my face. "I know just what the problem is."

"What?" I murmured. She lifted her warm finger and traced the purple bruises under my eyes that were beginning to feel permanently etched into my skin.

"You're tired. You can't think straight. You need some rest. C'mon," She said, gracefully slipping out of my arms and leading me into the living room. "You can sleep here tonight. Oops, wait." She ran upstairs. I wondered idly what Edward and Bella were doing, but she was already downstairs with a pillow and blanket in her arms. "Here," She muttered, placing the duvet and pillow onto the long white sofa. Even though it was supposedly long, I would still hang off the edges.

"Thanks, Ness." I said, pulling her into a hug. "Night night." I kissed her forehead.

"It's 2pm," She reminded me, rolling her eyes. "Day day." I laughed at her and then pushed my knees up to my chest on the sofa so it was somewhat comfortable. I didn't even hear the light patter of her feet on the stone floor before I had sunk into unconcsiousness, promising me no worries or fears - a happy dream.

The End

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