Silent Listener's

I have decided to stop talking and join the ranks of the silent listener's, who have much more to say in their silent protest. Than a  man of many spoken words. I say this based on careful consideration and thought.  Not the type of thought from which bumper stickers are made from.  Only to be plastered  haphazzardly  all over the back of camping trailors,  to be ripped off or covered over again by a new and  fancier catch phrase,  . This thought is not that tempormental. But born from months of great meditation and clarity. I am not very skilled in the art of communication.  I admit this.  Unlike my husband who is an excellent talker. And whose words have served him well.  Very often in conversation he will speak to me, and I will nodd as though we are in perfect agreement of one mind. Only to discover he was talking apples and I oranges. This would only frustrate him. And he would stomp away in disguist. Leaving me standing there in my symptoms. Wondering how I could have possibly  represent ed something so simple, and innocent  as fruit, so very poorly.

Many times in conversation  my husband will say rediculous things just to  test me. Perhaps  to see If I am really listening. Or maybe he is doing this just  to see how much of what he is saying is actually resonating with me. I probably should be upset about this, however I know he means well. And wants the respect of being heard.   The truth is I have never been a good communicator.  My words have failed me over and over again.  Maybe the next time my husband accuses me of not listening to him, I can just tell him I am supporting my cause, protesting the clamor of words for a wonderfully silent moment. I tend to misinterpret what is being said to me from time to time.  Or I may veer off on another topic entirely. Which has nothing to do with what is being said to me.  I believe it is because of my grand imagination. I tend to  see words , instead of hearing them. I am a very visual person.  For example one day I was watching the neighborhood dog. Slowly strutting across the street onto  our front lawn. Where he  stopped and  did  his buisness . Then off he walked back home. I found this rather amusing. To the average person there is nothing funny about this. My husband was irate!. He ran out the front door screaming and yelling at this big Boxer , who just sort of turned around and looked at him. I saw this poor dog walking back home and telling all his doggie friends about the irate neighbor who was chasing him and screaming  out loud obsceneties, and of course the dog had no idea why . .   I believe my ability to see in cartoon, is a gift.  A gift to help me cope with my disabilities. Although sometimes it kicks in at the most inapropriate  times. Like when I am watching the news on the television.  A speach by our governmental officals. I don't understand much of what they are talking about. And my imagination kicks into overdrive, and I see funny little horns growing from the top of their heads, or I imagine them with pea shooters, shooting peas at each other inbetween the debates. Or that they slowly all turn into big stone statues. Makes perfect sense to me, after all how can people discuss such life changing, very important issues , with such monotone faces.  I often wonder why comedians can't be politicians, at least we could be amused, all the while we are hearing about how much more taxes we have to pay the following year.  It's all madness if you ask me.  Sometimes I wish everyone would just stop talking!.  I wish they would just shut up , before they say one more rediculously stupid thing.  Together we could all embrace the silence, and learn the real meaning behind silence is golden....

The End

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