Silent Island

A girl stood alone, in front of the huge, 7ft gates that closed off the dead, deserted island from the lively world that lay just a stone's throw away. She wore a Mass Effect 3 black t-shirt that came all the way down to her pale thighs and just a pair of dirty white ankle socks. Her straggly, pure white hair went wild in a musty breeze that kicked up black soot from the uneven ground she was standing on. The front gates, that were held shut by only a rusty, broken chain, swayed and clanged in the wind. The dark, chemical contaminated sea threw itself against the cliffs of the island. The girl slipped silently between the bars of the twisted gate, leaving them creak as the wind continued. Inside was worse. Everything was grey and bleak, like a monochrome photo-copy of the real city. The girl's crimson orbs looked around. No life. The town really was dead. The tall, empty shells of skyscrapers stood, squashed in tightly, like soldiers being called to attention. A crystal snow blanket caressed the tired, worn ground. Grey clouds hung in the sky, like puppets on strings. It didn't look real.

The snow crunched under the girl's petite feet. The snow dazzled and shone under the sliver of sunlight that escaped the cloud's grasp. It lay inside the giant, deserted buildings. They all had rooves so who knows how it got there. It gave the place some life. It's crisp top hadn't been disturbed by footsteps until now. The girl left a little trail of footprints behind her as she carried on walking. On some square shaped holes in the buildings where the windows should've been, dainty ice daggers hung from the top, water dripping from them, forming little puddles on the bottom of the frame. A deformed, sunken snowman lay in the gaping hole of a doorway, his pebble eyes staring mindlessly at the girl. She turned at observe it closely. The snowman's twig arms stuck out of his torso wildly. His grey, jagged stone nose was jammed in his mushy face. And his smile, made out of tiny rocks, made him look too happy to be on this island. Just him being there, reminded the island of the life it used to hold.

The girl walked on, scarlet eyes scanning the area. She rubbed her pale left arm, shivering as she did so. The strong wind bit her wih cold. Chimes jangled in the distance. Her ears pricked up at the sound of then hitting each other. Her eyes found them, about 3 meters away from her. The chimes flashed in the sunlight, sending bolts of light around the place. The clinking of them rang as the wind died down. It was still cold though. A crow squawk startled the girl. It's bullet shaped beak opened to let out another one. It splayed it's jet black wings and took off, flying low, claws skimming the diamond snow. It started to fly up, up, up and disappeared into the clouds with another squawk. The wind cried out as it disappeared, as if wanting it to come back, to stay.

Without warning, a deep rumble of thunder shook the ground. A single, sparkle drifted in front of the girl's face. A snowflake. Then there were two. Then three. Then four. A few seconds past and suddenly the air was full of the little white flakes. A gentle breeze brushed past, ushering the snowflakes to the left. The sun was rising, peeking above the horizon, flooding the island with light. The place now had an orange tint, leaving the blank colours behind. The girl watched as the sun rose, excitement crossing her face. This island was hers. She was the only one. It was her secret. Who knows what happened to all those people and children that once enjoyed this place. Another puzzle that this lone island held. But that's what made this place so magical.

The silence.

The End

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