The Man In The CemeteryMature

Angela loitered around the cemetery, sometimes kneeling to examine the names and dates on a headstone, more often than not just waiting in the mist for some sign of human life, some sign that she should continue with her journey. Something, some fear of the unknown, was holding her back from searching for her mother.
It was just as she had stooped to read the names and death-days of yet another grave's inhabitants that Angela heard the ominous creak of a gate, then footsteps crunching on the grass, then saw a figure emerge from the cloudy veil.

"Excuse me, I..." a man's voice spoke, and Angela damn near jumped out of her pale skin. Her heart raced momentarily, and she leapt away from the grave as if it was white-hot.

"I'm...I'm sorry..." she stammered nervously, waiting for her heart to slow down. It was beating a violent tattoo against her chest.

"It's okay, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm kind of lost." the man explained, slowly and carefully as if trying not to scare her again, as if he thought she was mentally unstable.

"Lost?" Angela echoed, taking a step backwards.

" Yeah, I'm looking for Silent Hill. Is this the right way?" he asked, straight to the point. Angela didn't make eye-contact. She'd given up on that years ago.

"Um,'s kinda hard to see with all this fog, but there's only one road, you can't miss it." Angela informed him, stammering even more, and fidgeting hopelessly on the spot, as if she couldn't wait for the end of the conversation. A part of her didn't want him to go. He was the first human she'd seen since her arrival to this strange town.

"Thanks." he replied, and turned to leave. Angela stopped him.

"I think you better stay away. This uh, town... there's something wrong with it. it's kind of hard to explain, but..."

"Is it dangerous?" the man asked as Angela trailed off.

"Maybe...and it's not just the fog either." she added, somewhat reluctantly.

"Okay, I got it, I'll be careful." he answered.



The End

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