I'm leaving this open for collab, if anyone wants to join in. This is the story of Angela from Silent Hill 2, as I imagine it to be, so some of the phrases from the game are in there. I'm making up a lot of the facts, because of a lack of information. She's one of my favourite videogame characters :)

Angela stumbled between headstones, lost in mist that she wasn't sure even existed. It was always there, always, but sometimes when she looked around her, all she could see was fire. Flames full of hateful, sadistic intent seducing buildings to the ground. The cemetery was veiled by a thick, pearly, ethereal shroud. Thankful for small mercies, Angela was glad that the flames had subsided, at least in her mind if nowhere else.
She was tired, lonely, and on the verge of tears and insanity.

"Where are you?" she whispered into the nothingness; nervously brushing a strand of her short, dark hair back behind her ear, in an almost subconscious movement. Her hands, tipped by small, bitten slivers of fingernail and tiny strips of raw skin that those nails had once covered, were shaking uncontrollably. She pulled at the neck of her sweater, as if trying to cover as much of herself as possible. Angela gave a long, shuddering sigh before continuing on, deeper into the cemetery and the veil of mist.

Slipping one thin, trembling hand into her pocket, Angela felt the cold, metallic, sharp-edged blade of the knife. She took it out, and ran her fingers along it in a gentle caress, as if it was something precious, something sacred that could melt into the mist at any moment. It would be so easy to end it all, end this feeling of running away into nothingness, trying to escape the bloody stains of everything she'd ever known, and the horrible way in which she'd ended two equally horrible existences. Maybe it had been what they'd deserved - her mother had always said that the torture Angela endured was what she deserved - but it still meant that she could never, ever turn back.


The End

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