Forgotten WishMature

Maria awoke not long after in a daze. Her vision was clouded with a greyish hue as she rubbed her eyes in a vain attempt of ridding her unnatural drowsiness. She was outside no longer; though her flesh was still scattered in goose bumps. As her vision returned, she saw she was in an unfamiliar room. It must have been untouched for a long time, as an inch of dust had coalesced upon every surface; the dresser, the wardrobe, even the floor. The window beside her held the bleak, thick mist which still unnerved her.
She rose off the bed, as she began to check her reflection in the dusty mirror adjacent. Her flesh was paler than she remembered... there were faint semi circles below her eyes that gave her a weary, aged look. Her dark roots had begun to present itself in the shock of her blonde hair.
She coughed weakly, leaning onto the bedpost for support.

I’m falling apart.

Her reflection stared back in weary accusation.

What’s happening to me?

A metallic crash roused her, causing her to jerk backwards onto the bed. Visions of him... that monster who stalked her mind with unnerving consistency. She could remember his arms; muscular and torn as though his flesh was decomposing prematurely. He always held that Great Knife... even now she could remember how it felt when he plunged the blade deep into his flesh. James had watched her helplessly. The last thing she remembered was his eyes... darkened with sorrow which held a deeper, sinister meaning which looked suspiciously like guilt.
Afterwards... nothing.

Just a bright light.

Then she awoke to greet James and...

The sound of footsteps grew louder from beyond the bedroom door. In a moment of hysteria, Maria considered climbing out the window... but to what? She had no purpose now. James is gone and so is Laura.
Instead of trying to escape, Maria was rooted to the spot with her eyes fixed on the door handle. It can’t be him. It just can’t be.

The door flew open suddenly, revealing a young man in dark clothing which accentuated his own deathly white skin. Maria was taken aback by his eyes; the deep midnight blue of melancholia. In that brief moment, she lost all her fear and felt an urge to comfort him. He looked like a flower whose petals had been crumpled and torn.

He stepped towards her, his breathe heavy and laboured.

‘Are you okay?’ He asked, his eyes betraying a glimmer of hope.

Maria nodded, solemnly.

I am not alone after all.

She flung herself into his arms, her head resting on his chest. She felt his heart beating softly; his breathe rising within in perfect metronome. In that moment, the memories of James, Laura, that ‘thing’... even Silent Hill vanished.

The man almost smiled, instead he lifted her chin to gaze into her eyes.

‘I found out there... ‘ He broke off momentarily, as his eyes flickered to the expanse of fog wafting past the window. ‘I couldn’t leave you with all those monsters out there’.

I couldn’t leave you.

Maria held him tighter, as though she could sink into his soul.

‘I’m Jonathon. This is my home on Bachman Street. I live here with my family... but there are not here at the moment’ His voice became a whisper; Maria felt him stiffen within her arms.

Jonathon left the room with Maria still holding onto his arm.

‘Tell me about your family’ she said, raising a smile.

It was the first time she had smiled since she met James.

The End

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