Prologue - An Overdose of PainMature

Above, the sky was still a pale canvas of blight. Maria was sprawled upon the cold metal surface where he
had finally left her. Minutes, maybe hours had passed by in the gentle breeze. All the hatred, the burning fury she felt was merely a memory; a corpse to darken her memories
What memories?
like when she first saw him in Rosewater Park. The fear in his eyes deepened the chasm in her heart. Why James... why couldn’t you love me? I needed you so badly... was it me? I couldn’t be Mary... no you couldn’t let her go. I swore I would love for the both of us... we could have escaped this place. Just the two of us.

I guess it was my fault.

She sat up suddenly, as she coughed harshly into her hands. This continued for some time, as the dense fog drifted ominously past her with shallow ease. A black rose spread in her vision, as she slumped into nothingness.

A black moth fluttered from the fog to rest on her arm affectionately.  A droplet of blood trickled from her mouth softly, as it took off to join the emptiness of the vast skies above.

The circle closes.

The End

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