Silent Hill 2 Fan-Fic - Dead RequiemMature

This particular literary piece is based on the video game Silent Hill 2. If you haven't played the game or if you are not familiar with the story then I suggest you switch to another story as you may not be able to follow this fan fiction. Although you may enjoy it regardless... hopefully.

The storyline follows on from the Leave ending, where James confronts his past and makes his peace with Mary. He leaves with Laura to what is the only happy ending in the game. The main character in this piece is Maria who I have always felt sorry for. She was created as a constant reminder for James of Mary, who she bears an uncanny resemblance. The idea is that her purpose has been fufilled and she may be consumed by Silent Hill into nothingness.

Maria is afraid to be alone... now James has left her she has no one. All she wants is someone to hold her as she fades away.

There will be appearences from the characters of Silent Hill 2 and maybe others as well. I promise nothing, though there may be characters of my creation inserted into the story.

I hope you enjoy this.

The End

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