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In the town of Silent Hill many things that were once lost in the dark corners of your subconscious come to light.
A woman traveling to the funeral of her twin sister returns to her hometown of Silent Hill, well there she decides to invoke old memories on a tour of her past.
Well in her hometown she is submerged into a disturbing and vicious world.

A woman strapped down to a hospital bed opens her eye's looking up at the ceiling panicking shaking her body frantically rattling leather straps bound to her wrists and ankles. Her eye's widen as she attempts to yell only making a muffled sound realizing her mouth has been sewed shut.
From the ceiling a hanging light bulb connected to a thin chain swings in a circular motion around a small room shedding light on stained white tile walls. Smeared blood finger prints streak across the walls, a loud scraping sound similar to metal dragging along asphalt screams from outside the room.
The woman thrashes her right arm up and down braking free from the old rotted leather strap, the strap falls to the ground scattering the bugs underneath the bed into a large crack leading up the wall into the ceiling.
She quickly unties her arm and feet, being extremely cautious she slowly extends her toes touches them down on the cold tile floor coming to a stand.
The only other object taking space in the room other then the bed was a standing mirror.
Breathing heavy through her nostrils she drags her feet walking to the mirror stopping infront of it looking at her reflection.
Underneath her eyes were blacked bruises as if her nose was broken, her mouth sewed shut with fishing wire, she shivered in the cold room only draped in a dirty whole ridden hospital dress. 
In red lipstick two eyes and a mouth are drawn at face level on the mirror with a arrow drawn pointing at her mouth and the word QUIET underneath it.
She extends her arm out touching her face in the mirror moving the tips of her fingers around her mouth.
As she glides her fingers around her reflection her fingers come to a stop on a loose thread sticking out from the stitch on her mouth.
Removing her hand from the mirror she grabs the thread pulling on it, the wire slowly loops in and out of her upper and bottom lips trailing blood down her mouth.

A loud static humming echos out from a small speaker hooked to the frame of the bed  fallowed a low pitch voice.

[Voice] You shouldn't have done that... Isabella... you're going to regret that.

[Isabella] What... who is that?... who are you, what's going on hear?

The voice on the speaker becomes scrambled and disoriented as the voice sinks into the background and the sound of a woman crying out in pain focuses and sharpens. The screaming on the transmission suddenly cuts off, the sharp scraping sound from outside comes to a halt leaving the low buzzing of the the light bulb resonating in the room. Footsteps echo outside the room fallowed by a light slowly bouncing from side to side in the giant crack in the wall seeps through getting brighter with each passing second.
Isabella takes several step back keeping her focus on the light.
Isabella's eye's widen and her skin began to turn pail as her breath left her body, she gazed out the gaping in the wall watching a figuer take form. A shadowy outline of a face she once recognized appeared and in a whispering voice she spoke one name.

[Isabella] ... Eleana...

Quickly sitting up in her bed drenched on sweat Isabella awakes from a nightmare.
The song Sleep Walk performed by Santo and Johnny is playing on the radio. 
Her apartment appears is almost empty with boxes apon boxes of unpacked belongings stacked agisnst the walls, only her bed and a gigantic old vanity mirror taking space in the room.
Getting out of bed she lights up a cigarette takes a drag then and begins slipping into a black victorian gown complete with hat and gloves. Well putting on lipstick Isabella stares into her vanity mirror applying heaver lipstick over the dotted scars on her lips, she reaches down into the desk drawer pulling out a syringe and elastic band.
Wrapping the band around her arm Isabella sticks the needle deep in her vain keeping eye contact with herself then 
pulls the needle out tossing it on the desk.
She pulls her gloves up covering the needle tracks in her arm  
Walking out her apartment she slams the door behind her causing a stack of boxes to topple over spilling out old newspapers.
The headline of some of the news papers read
-Webcot Killer Strikes Again, Two More Bodies Discovered, Boy Abducted From Home. 
One particular article lays on the top of the pile. 

(Newspaper Article) 
-Lost and Found-
After a long investigation police concur that there theories of Albert Preston Webcot being the Silent Hill serial killer is correct.
Receiving an anonymous tip on the morning of  December 25th the S.H.P.D. bombarded Humble Hart Ranch owned by Albert discovering a homemade system of underground tunnels. 
There the police found fifty five torture chambers each with it's own elaborate device for killing.
Reports indicate the limestone walls of the tunnels were lased to keep out the fumes from  the coal fire burning just a few miles away from the ranch.
After hours of excavating mangled corpse from the narrow hallways built into the underground structure twenty three bodies were discovered.
Only two young woman managed to stay alive during there capture, nineteen year old Isabella Swan and twenty-two year old Eleana Swan.
The two sister had been abducted well walking home from school last month on November 1st.
Not much details are know about the two girls health except for the brief statement the S.H.P.D. has issued stating that the sister are being treated for drug based inhibitors.
Albert Webcot was taken into custody after police Sargent Norman Fittz shot and wounded Albert during a violent shootout at the Humble Hart ranch. 
Albert is scheduled for lethal injection on Monday morning after receiving a six month trial.
Albert made only one personal statement during this trial stating there was so much more  faceless corpse that were hidden on the ranch and he loved them all equally.

Two Hours Later

On a long stretch of road Isabella pulls her car into a gas station to refuel, the man standing by the fuel pump begins pumping gas for her. 
(Isabella) Is the east entrance for Silent Hill still open or do i need to take the road from Brahms? 
(Man) East road closed down about three years ago now, rock slide took out most of the bridge there.
Isabella shook her head with disappointment. 
(Man) I was on that road when it happened, cost me my arm.
The man lifts his left arm over moving his jacket showing her his missing arm. 
(Man) Fortunately for me there was an officer patrolling that area at the time maybe you seen her name in the papers, Officer Cybil Bennett. 
(Isabella) ..Oh yeah, the officer that disappeared last month. 
(Man) It was a sad thing,  she was one of the good ones.
Well if you came hear to visit Silent Hill you might not want to stay hear to long, there's a coal fire burning underneath the town so most folks moved away along time ago.
The only people that are left are the ones that are buried and the ones waiting to be buried.
 (Isabella) I'm local, i'm just passing through for some personal reasons.. so what's the damage? 
(Man) Well that ill will twenty dollars even.
Isabella hands him a fifty telling him to keep the change, pulling back on the road she looks back in her rear view mirror watching the man watching her drive away.

The further Isabella drove down the road the darker the sky begin to turn.
In a flash and without notice a brief moment of heavy rain and high wind whips along the road pushing Isabella's car off to the side, she quickly steers the car back onto the road and gains control.
The rain cease to fall almost in an instant as the high wind turn into a gentle warm breeze, the sky turns a brownish golden dusk, gray ash falls from the sky smearing her window as the wipers run across it.
Isabella car dies slowly coming to a stop on the road, getting out of her car she gazing up into the sky wondering what is transpiring around her.
She turns her gaze to the heavy ash falling from the sky seeing a clearing in the distance and a sign post.

Welcome to Silent Hill.

The End

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