Silent Cries and Tears that StainMature

Ray is a confused young man looking for an answer for his heart and his future happiness.

It saddens me
With every look into your eyes
That you aren’t seeing me
That the real me isn’t a part of your dreams
That I must stand before you with my masked pain

And yet I can’t help but react to your every touch
Wanting you to be happy too afraid to cause you sorrow
Knowing that deep inside my heart it is not you I want
But the memory of the one I lost
The memory of the one who couldn’t, no wouldn’t look towards me

I seem to have never existed in either of your hearts
In either of your minds
And no matter how much I try to please you
I am left dissatisfied
With emptiness inside

You kiss me with a passion
Holding me tight,
Touching my member as you rub yours against mine
Mourning with pleasure
As I fake all my gasps
Saying anything to keep you happy
Anything that keeps my fantasies going
Of the man from my past

Wishing, and yet wanting you to see me
Knowing that it was my mistake
To act so alluring, to make you think I am what I am not

Seeing not your face,
But that of the guy who was never mine
I am so confused
I am not sure what I want
You or the one that I lost…

Ray, don’t hide your face from me, I want to see your face when you cum whispered Steve as he continued thrusting faster and faster into his lover. You are so beautiful when you cum. Look at me. I can’t hold on for much longer. Reaching in front of him to his lover’s member he began to stroke him to the rhythm of his every thrust. Losing himself in the pleasure of his lover’s tightness coming closer and closer to his climax.

Ahhhhh cried out Ray as he reached his climax, followed shortly by Steve.

mmmm…Ray.. mourned Steve softly after a while rolling off of Ray falling into a dreamless sleep, not noticing the look of pain in his lover’s eyes as tears rolled down from his sliver eyes.

The End

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