Silent AngerMature

Inside I am screaming

I began to stop believing

I killed you many times in my mind

Where neglect and abuse is where you can find

I want to stop all the fighting

But I can only keep on writing

To show the pain I feel

And let others no this is real

Don't say I whine too much

Really, its your heart I'm trying to touch

I don't want to fight

But I'm already in too tight

There was a reason I left 

I believed it was for the best

God knows I'm right

But still my pain is quite a sight

I'm angry even though sometimes I don't show it

There is a big fire inside that you lit

I know I'm not perfect

I'm trying really hard to be it

Thats something you can't see

Sorry I'm not the person you want me to be

You need to understand that I tried

But you made my insides die

So you can't blame it all on me

Just give up and let me be free

The fact that I'm still alive is nothing but luck

But I know you don't give a fuck

The End

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