Silenced EmotionsMature

Go on crush me like a flower, rusted from the rain
Come on, strip me of my power, beat me with your chains
And if I'm the king of cowards, you're the queen of pain
I'm rusted from the rain, I'm rusted from the rain

- Billy Talent; Rusted From The Rain

I wasn'y paying attention. If I'm honest I never am in first period. Form Time. What's the point in it? We don't catch up on missed homework; we recover from a hangover we promised ourselves we wouldn't get again. We don't discuss any problems we may have with our form teacher; mainly because they don't care or we just can't be arsed with the teacher. Basically we sit.

That was what I was doing. I didn't notice that there was something different about our class today. That there was an extra face; an extra set of eyes. Another girl. The difference  was soon brought to my attention.

"Guys listen up now" the grating voice of Mrs Gaynon, trying to be one of us by calling us "guys".

"We have a new pupil joining us today; her name is Faith. make her feel welcome and show her what lovely people you are. Be nice!" she ended on a threatning note. She needed to remind us that just because someones different doesn't mean their wierd.

Faith was deffinatly different. At least she was different from us. Any of us.i just couldn't understand why. She had long blonde hair that just seemed to fall into place when she moved her head. Her eyes, even from the back of the room, were black. They were heavily eyelined, but that didnt detract from their beauty. You could fall into them if you looked long enough. Yet she looked so emancipated. Hollow. Se had a great body under the hoodie, you could just tell. but she was just too thin all over.

She scanned us all. Reading our emotions; then her eyes landed on me and I swear to god my heart stopped. It just didnt beat until she looked away, and when she did, blood rushed thorough me along with dispair. I couldnt see into her anymore.

She drifted to the back and sat in the only seat left. One by the window in the corner. The seat on its own. no one tried to talk to her. the girls avoided her because they were clearly self-concious. I could tell what each was thinking. Shit! the new girl is fit! We're all screwed.

From the look on all the lads faces they were agreeing. Every one of their eyes followed her arse to that seat. but none of them had the self-confidence to go and flirt. There was something untouchable about her. Like she was in a plastic bubble and no one could get through.

You have no idea how I wanted to break that bubble.

The End

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