"Are you afraid of the dawn?" 

The red beams of light began to pierce through the half broken boards, that blocked the windows. Faint sounds of birds chirping echoed in the semi darkness and the distinct yawning of a young girl flowed from the corner of the abandoned diner. 

"Do you fear what follows the light?" 

The smell of ash was thick and made it hard to breath. Every surface was covered in a thick layer of dust. The old seats were torn and the once red and white interior was now grey in the early morning dew. 

"Do you want to break free of it?"

A whispering breeze blew in through each crack. The room got brighter as the sun continued to rise. The world was no longer in its youthful years, it was aged and creaking - The arthritis of life had taken its long toll. 

"I know you tire of it."

A man sat on one of the ancient stools by the diners kitchen, his head rested in his hands. The dust had been brushed away as he had slept. His eyes were as red as fresh tomatoes, and skin as filthy as a pack mules. 

"Why don't you just do it?"

The girl yawned again. Her little body was bruised, but her eyes were still filled with hope as they opened. Blue oceans of dreams. She yawned for a third time, and smiled as her eyes  seen him. 

"Now is as goo...."

The man rose and swiped his hand back across the counter top, it sent empty beer bottles smashing against the wall and the cutlery that had lay still for decades was sent into flight. He cried out.


His worn face began to have rivers of tears flow down his hollowed cheeks. The beard that enveloped his neck was as rustic as his tattered clothes. His eyes wandered the room - Hoping that hope would return. 

Then they fell on her.

She smiled, again. 

They locked eyes and he whispered words into the world. 

"I'm sorry."

And raised the gun. 

The End

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