The little girl roamed around her grandfather's house. She had come from the huge city four hours away to this small town. She loved this place. No one ever scolded her here. She could do whatever pleased her here. This place was never filled with the noise of her mother telling her off to bed. It was filled with a warm, peaceful and welcoming silence.  The kind of silence which in accordance to her belief could not be found in huge cities.
She stopped her aimless exercise as she saw the door of her grandfather's room. She barged in and sang a greeting to her grandfather.
"Assalam-o-alaikum nana"  she chirped.
" Walaikum assalam. What did I do to have the honour of the naughty girl pause to see me?" her grandfather teased her.
" Nothing. That is why I want a chocolate." She announced. 
Her grandfather smiled and fished out a piece of chocolate from his drawer. He had already equipped himself to fulfill her grandaughter's demand earlier that day. 
"Thank you nana" She said and ran out to show off the chocolate  to her friends. . . 
Years passed in this innocent exchange until the girl did not remain innocent enough to indulge in such exchange or as they say she grew up. . . 

The End

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