She can forget today what happened in the past.

She sat in the corner in the back of a quiet dark classroom, a pencil in hand, strawberry blonde hair falling in whisps down the side of her face like a shield, not only protecting her, but hiding her. She ignored the window, she ignored the sound of laughter, cruel or fun it was painful and until it was blocked out it would only bring back memories, past experiances that need not be revived.
A tear slid down her check as they started to seep in, and she held them back as she picked up her pencil. Like always, words flowed out, leading emotions to empty her too full head. Sotries. Tales about sumer and the sun. The ocean and the people one meets on the streets. The reason we are here, and why we can feel so alone at times, yet we all together feel we are alone. She pondered this. Was she alone? Was she the only one? One can only keep so much inside, but for how long? Until what?
A kid ran past the close door, slightly shaking the walls and vibrating the desk, but that wasn't what jerked her to attention. Se paid attention more closely, though unsure if she really wanted to know.
A feeling. A feeling she recognised. A feeling that used to bring her uephoria, and would always be too familliar, one that could bring so much pain. A part of her wanted to block it out, any posibilty of rememberence and to never know. Another part had to know. A part wanted to run away and hide, but she couldn't hide anymore than she did now.
She waited in suspence, sorting through all the feeling inside of her, instincts embedded within her soul, until she found it.
On the countrary, it found her. A shadow appeared in the door. She knew it was him before she dared to look up. The shadow was the right height, same build, same everything, just as it had always been, but she recoiled with recognization. Rememberance was the deepest cruelty, and no physical weapon could be more destructive.
A silnce filled the room to entirely, too loud. She waited, anxiety building up inside, slowly. She didn't dare look up. There was no point, she knew how he looked all too well. Tension grew. She waited for him to say her name, to make a sound, to ruin her again. Silence.
Moments passed. It would have been appropriate for it to start raining, however the sky remained a light blue. It was too perfect for this situation. There needed to be a noise distraction. Something. Anything.
All the noises outside had disappeared. There was a pure silence, one she'd been longing for since the accident, and now that she had it she didn't want it. She'd take anything but this. She peaked at the shadow again, unmoving, unspeaking. How long had it been since she'd seen him last? Her ears rung with the quiet. She wanted to be left alone.
He shouldn't be here, she thought. I want to out of my life. Yet he still stood in the doorway.
A combination f fear, anger, tension, and perhaps boldness errupted inside of her, and she looked up, squarely into his face. If she could gasp, she would have. Realization hit her harder than a physical force could have. She stared, he stared.
They were exactly the same. Equals. Now neither could talk.

The End

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