He'd been seeing her since he was very young. The silent girl, Ethan used to call her. The little girl that always used to appear when everything was silent. But this was the first time she'd made things go silent by herself. He had been sitting in his bedroom, watching the big game - two football teams he knew nothing about. Sitting on his bed, bowl of nachos and a beer at the ready when suddenly, silence. The game went on, people talking on TV. But just silence. Thats when he saw her. The little girl in the bright blue dress. Sitting on the window ledge.

He sat there, staring at her, and she stared back. She looked exactly the same as she did 15 years ago, back when he used to play with her. He would run away out of his house into the woods nearby and sit, panting, on the grass. He'd wait for everything to be silent and close his eyes. When he opened them , she'd be there, between the trees. Ethan would chase after her, laughing, and she'd run away. He never did know why she would always run away, but he'd been having fun, and when you're that young, that's all that matters. But now, she was sitting on his windowledge. 4 stories up. And everything is still silent. She moves. Shifts her balance, and raises an arm, beckoning him to come closer. Ethan could not obey, he is glued to his bed. He tries to talk, his mouth moving frantically, but nothing comes out of his mouth. The girl keeps beckoning for him, almost reaching out for him now. She opens her mouth, as if to call for him, but it doesn't stop. It wides and widens, her teeth come into view, horrible things, sharp like needles. There are hundreds of them. Rows and rows of needle teeth, reaching back into what should be her throat. Her entire demanour changes. Suddenly, she's clawing away at the air. Her hands have become bloody, and as Ethan watces, paralysed, he realises that blood has begun flowing from her mouth. She jumps to her feet and Etan screams. His piercing scream rips apart te silence and the Girl stops dead. Her mouth shrinks back down, but sits in a smirk. Ethan stops screaming. She turns around and heads to the window. Ethan's mouth is moving before his brain decides what to say. "Wait! What the fuck was that?" He croaks. She doesn't turn back. Just raises an arm, almost in a goodbye gesture. Then, she's gone. Just like that. The world goes black.

Ethan wakes up to the smell of morning. That is, if morning smells like piss in your pants and nachos down your front. The mixture of piss and cheese is horrible. Great start to the day. The TV, still on, informs him that it's saturday. Ethan breathes a sigh of releif as he realises he doesn't have to work today. Lucky him. However, he's out of coffee. Ethan changes, energised by his need for caffiene, and leaves the house.

Espresso slips down Ethan's throat. He relaxes back into his armchair as the pills he took before he left his apartment wash away the bad times. He opens the newspaper over the table and begins to read. The usual depressing stuff. Troops dying, political scandals, the kind of shit you read about every day but never really stop to think about. Happens all the time. He reaches for the coffee cup. Drinks. Puts it back down again. That's when it happens. The cup doesn't make a sound as he puts it down. No sound of the cup hitting the table. Nothing. Ethan realises. The coffee house is silent. Frantic now, he stands and tries to look everywhere at once. As his eyes pass over the silent coffee drinkers, he sees her. Standing at the door. The girl in the bright blue dress. His silent girl, with that innocent little smile.

Ethan collapses back onto his seat, eyes locked on the Silent girl. She takes a step towards him, never touching anyone. The people in the coffee shop seem to just walk around her, without even seeing that she's there. Her smile widens, and those horrible teeth glint from far back in her mouth. Ethan realises he's sweating. The Silent girl's smile keeps widening, and Ethan is on his feet. He knows she's in front of the door, but that's the only way out. Ethan vaults a sofa in his way, as the silent patrons turn to watch him flee. The girl is closer now, but all Ethan can think about is the door. The door. Close to the girl now. His silent girl. But her eyes are locked on the chair he was sitting on. She doesn't see him. Ethan stops, staring at his silent girl. Her mouth is normal again, and no trace of blood on her hands, the bright blue dress spotless. She turns her head to look up at him, and smiles. Ethan stares back. She turns her head back to the coffee shop, and Ethan does too. Everyone is looking at him. A woman begins to approach him, her mouth moving silently. Ethan looks back to his Silent girl but finds only empty space.

"Are you allright, sir?" Coffee lady asks. Ethan stares at her, mouth slightly open. His Silent girl is gone. "Sir? I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You're scaring our customers." Ethan looks over her shoulder, at the rest of the shop. In the silence, he had knocked over a coffee table and the drinks had gone everywhere. "Sir, don't make me call the police. Please leave our premesis." coffee lady says. Ethan's Silent girl is gone, and that's all that matters to him now.

Ethan is in his car now, the rusty, fucked up old banger that he's never once serviced. Back in some forgotten time, he's wanted to paint it red. No chance now. Just the road. The road to the woods he used to chase his silent girl through. Without realising, he knows he's turned the radio off, and is coasting as much as he can. He knows he's trying to make it silent, silent for his Silent girl, and he can't stop himself. He pulls up at his old house, long dead and abandoned, ivy crawling out of the windows like green rivers, vines crawling up the walls. No door. The forst sprawls next to it. Ethan listens for any sound. He picks up a stick, and begins snapping small parts off so he knows when its silent. Snap. Ethan walks towards the house. Snap. He looks through the empty doorway and sees the dark hallway. Peeling wallpaper, weeds growing on the floor. Snap. Ethan leaves the house. Today is not the day for old memories. Today is the day he gets to see his Silent girl. The forest looms in front of him. Snap. Ethan enters the forest, and feels the wetness of the leaves soak into his shoes. Some of the trees are dead, he can tell, and some are dying. The forest won't last much longer. Snap. Ethan is completely into the forest now. No turning back. Snap. He can't even see the house now. Ethan snaps the last of the twig, and it makes no sound. He throws the twig to the side, and looks behind him. There is a girl in a bright blue dress with an innocent little smile on her face. She grins at Ethan's dumbstruck face, turns, and skips away. Ethan lumbers after, entranced by how she moves. Twigs break under his feet soundlessly, and birds caw without a sound. The Silent girl speeds up, runnig now, and Ethan runs after her.

They run for hours. Ethan following the Silent girl, her sprinting between the trees. The forest was never this big, and Ethan has ocmpletely lost his way. Ethan tired long ago, but his feet are moving on their own. Suddenly, the Silent girl breaks off to the right, and goes out of Ethan's sight. Ethan follows her path smoothly, but comes to a dead stop. She's gone. He takes a few steps forward, and a twig breaks beneath his feet. Snap. The Silent girl is gone. "Ethan!" A voice calls out to him. "Ethan!". A young girl's voice. One that's so familiar yet he's sure he's never heard it before. The voice is close, and Ethan walks towards it. Twigs break under his feet. Snap snap snap. "Ethan" the voice is behind him. Ethan begins to turn, but arms wrap around his middle. Soft, young arms. Young arms wearing light blue sleeves. "Ethan." The voice says. "Who are you?" Ethan replies. The arms tighten. "I'm your silent girl", the voice replies. The arms tighten again. Ethan can't breathe. "Your silent girl. The girl you knew when you were young." Ethan has no breath. His mouth opens and shuts as he desperately tries to draw in air. "The little deaf girl, who you never spoke to, the girl who you just chased." The world drains out from Ethan's eyes. He falls to the ground.

The world is in blazing colour. Ethan leans against a tree. Pain. Colour. No sound. The pain is in his mouth. Hundreds of tiny sharp points of pain. Pain. Colour. Blood. His mouth is filling, but he can't swallow the blood. Ethan opens his mouth and the blood dribbles out of his mouth. The colour of the world returns to normal. Green trees, Brown dirt. Ethan reaches out to feel what's in his mouth, but feels pain. He looks at his hand, and sees several fine holes in his skin. Tiny needlepoints of blood. The pain in his mouth subsides, and he feels around, with his tongue this time. His mouth is normal again. Teeth. The haze of pain leaves his vision. Ethan blinks. He looks down. He's dressed in a bright blue suit. Nice shiny black shoes, and a bright blue suit. A little boy appears in front of him. The boy's mouth moves, but makes no sound. The little boy runs towards him, and Ethan knows what to do. As the boy nears, Ethan turns and runs. The boy follows.

The End

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