No... No Please, God No!Mature

Shooting awake, the mountain man reached for his companion. 

The wolf looked at the mountain man as if to say, and the mountain man heard him say “What’s the matter?”

He replied, “A nightmare… That is all.”

“Tell me?”

Silas sighed.

“It’s a dream I have had since I was young… I dream of a series of trials in hell. And I am in a room full of flames. And I must survive, while I am cooked. Burned and turned to ash.”

“That’s awful.”

“Yes… it is.” 


Silas and Sirius knew that sound well. 

He had been growing to this mountain as any tree would. He found comfort in knowing he could harm no more. In knowing he was no longer afraid. Comfortable in knowing he has a friend. It is a joy Silas had not known since childhood. 

He still missed Anne terribly, and he spoke to her every night through the stars, but the silence of this paradise kept him from wishing his own death. Something he has not done since he found this place.

But thinking about Anne, and reliving that nightmare once again, he was left feeling vulnerable.

Silas buried his face in his hands and wept. 
Sirius climbed to his friend’s lap and laid down, trying to comfort his friend. 
Whimpering, his ears fell to the side and his tail fell limp.

The mountain man stopped crying when he heard the wolf’s whimper.

“How rude of me, I’m sorry, Sirius.  It was only a dream. No need to be worried.”

His wolf licked his cheek and Sirus smiled. “Thank you, my friend.”

They had known each other for some years. Sirius knew how to stop his friend’s woe.

It was a quiet night from then on, and a quiet morning after that. 

They wanted to liven up the afternoon, and so they did while they walked around the land they had grown to fondly call their home.

Sometimes, Silas made up songs that made no sense. Sometimes, he made up words that made no sound. Sometimes, the sounds he made, sense or no sense, were made of no words, and no cause. Simply , he would conduct a random act of music. 

Sirius seemed to like it, so Silas always did it.

“Alem ba la she do dee dee, dee do.
Silas and his friend are here to sing to you.
Silas sings a la la la and sings the note its true.
And Sirius, my wolfy friend will sing to you, aruuu”

And Sirius yowled a loud “ARUUU”, tail wagging and Silas pat his friend firmly on the head.

He chuckled and lied down in the grass as Sirius stretched out on his belly and the two looked up and watched clouds pass by.

The sound of a snapping twig stopped their silent fun.

Sirius growled.

Silas stood up, “Is someone there?”

“Out of the way!” A hunter jumped out of the shrubs with a rifle aimed squarely at Sirius.

Silas looked at his friend, then at the wolf. 

The hunter’s hand pulled the trigger tight, and a man screamed. 

That night, Silas would weep once again.

The End

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