He is LostMature


    An Adjective.
         Strayed or misplaced; missing.
         Gone in time; passed away.
         Gone morally astray; fallen.
         Bewildered or bemused. 
         Unable to function, act, make progress; Helpless.
         No longer possessed or practiced. 

         Silas is lost.

The woods of Washington have left him in a predicament he is quite comfortable with.

"I'm going to die out here."

Without hope of seeing Anne again… he had run about Seattle for days. A week went by, and he had never run into anybody who had even met her. 

Why did he say nothing when he saw her?!
Was it even her? It had to be. It was her.

He had an opportunity to apologize. 
And he let it slip from his fingers.

Silas is lost.

The trees all look the same. The canopy is the same color of blue.
But it is not a joyous blue.

The shade falls on him like a blanket with holes in it. 

He gets tangled up. The draft gets in. And in the end, it seems so useless.

As he laid in a mossy patch of earth, he wondered what she was doing.
But Silas dared not think too deeply, lest she be with that other man.

          Hope is a foreign word.

              These woods are where he belongs.


He is merely clinging to survival by the threads of despair which prevent him from killing himself. 

                      Life is Despair. A burning hatred of all things.

Always burning.

And the smoke fills his lungs with ash and soot. 
Leftovers from the society which grew so comfortable with existing in the flame of life.

                            There is no happiness anymore.

The thought of living a life with Anne,
The words of the homeless man in the shelter.
The well-wishes of the bride with her stained dress,
all are turned to ash.

The draft can't find him.
Nobody will ever find him.

Across the country, in Virginia.
Silas Corrigan was pronounced dead after years of searching the woods near the Asylum.
His mother, unable to do anything but blame herself, had cut her wrists in the bathtub, and fallen into a deep, permanent sleep.

Her final wishes were to be buried next to her son. To spend an eternity in hell, until she may seek forgiveness for the blind eye she had turned on him. 

         Silas's obituary was short. 

"A young man, with the world beneath him, the heavens above him, and naught but hope around him. He will be missed. His love forever remains with Anne."

His mother wrote the obituary before she killed herself, and she mentioned Anne because of the letters he wrote to her before she stopped replying.

His mother's Obituary read as such:
"Forgive me, Silas." 

And Anne Xavier went to the funeral alone. 

          The only mourner.

She traveled across the country to make it there.

                  And Silas is lost.

The End

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